You miss our discounts?
Build your own bonus – actively! eben

Become a tour operator. How? Very simple!

You send us a photo of your tour.
You write us a few words about a special experience or your overall impression – just as you like.
You give us your consent to use your image and text as your contribution to the appearance of Tours & Travel on the web.

We credit you with a bonus of 5% of the basic travel price, up to a maximum of € 1,000. 50 euros per trip.
We do this regardless of whether you praise or criticize us. We only reserve the right to make editorial, meaningful cuts or changes, which we will coordinate with you.

You enrich our Tours & Travel – Climate Forest with a rating.
We plant a tree in our reforestation projects in the tropical magrove forests of Madagascar.

You win We win. Attract future customers. Simply active!

OK. And how now?

Quite simple.

We trust you.
You tell us when you book that you are going on tour as a tour guide. Just enter the keyword TOURNALIST as coupon code in the booking form of the trip. We will credit you the bonus up to 50 €. You agree that we publish your contribution, see below.

After your trip, visit our climate forest and evaluate your experience with us and your tour.
You are welcome to upload a picture or two. Alternatively, you can also upload image, comment and rating on our website without having to log in with a Google account / GMail account first. To do this, please just search for your trip. At => rating please share your impressions with us.

Please also feel free to send us your comment and picture by email with the following note:

I agree that my picture and text attached to this e-mail may be used by Tours & Travel free of charge on the website and the associated accounts at google, mentioning my short name. Passing on to third parties or other use is excluded. I assure that I own all rights to the image and text and that I do not knowingly violate any personal rights of third parties.

Good. But I am a group. Can we then also ?…

Yes. certainly.

The game also works for groups of 6 or more full paying people. Go on a journey as an editorial team Tornalisten:
Just send us an experience, a photo, a rating and a consent form for each person.

We will reimburse 20 euros per participating person up to a maximum of 10% of the total trip price.
So for six personal feedbacks you get a credit of up to 120 euros.

Is that a word? We are curious!

Please note:

By claiming the bonus you show your agreement,
that Tours & Travel may publish your contribution together with the pictures contained therein.
The text may be editorially adapted and, if necessary, shortened by Tours And Travel without distorting it in terms of content and style. Please refer in particular to the paragraph Bonus Program Tours & Travel Tournalists in our General Terms and Conditions of Business and Travel.