Moselle bike tour for connoisseurs: Schengen Trier Cochem Koblenz

7 Days

Your trip

You would like to cycle down the Moselle?

Great idea: The upper Mosel cycle path – from Schengen to Trier – is a (Ver-)Träumchen – the further way to Koblenz a majestic classic!

Enjoy the Moselle valley in eight wonderful days between lovely wine villages, steep mountain slopes of Eifel and Hunsrück, once mighty castles of the Trier, Chur-Main and Cologne archbishoprics. Enjoy the Mosel hospitality at every turn. Directly from the German-French border in the three-country corner of Luxembourg, France, Germany, you will first drive through the wide floodplains in the upper reaches of the Moselle along the river to the Roman city of Trier.

On your way to the Deutsches Eck in the heart of Koblenz, you will cycle through charming wine-growing villages below the steepest vineyard in Germany, the Calmont and the Reichsburg Cochem.

In 8 day stages you will get from Trier to the lively old town of Koblenz. On the way, you will have plenty of time to stop at the countless Straußenwirtschaften and wine cellars and get to know the world of winegrowers.


You will stay in real Moselan, regionally typical, very good middle class hotels of the 3*** category – always with their own wine magic.


> Daily breakfast buffet or extended breakfast included

> When booking half board incl. 4 x 3-course dinner, not in Trittenheim / Neumagen & Cochem, possibly in neighboring restaurants.

The route

> mostly flat, very well-maintained bike paths and quiet, low-traffic side roads

> 8 easy daily stages between 40 – 59 km, a total of about 200 km. The kilometers may vary depending on the location of the hotels.

Please note: The trip is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility. Please contact us for detailed information if needed.

Rental bicycles

Robust touring bikes: 7-gears with hub gears and coaster brake or 21-gears with derailleur gears and freewheel, comfort saddle, 28 inch with different frame heights If you are taller than 1.90 m or shorter than 1.60 m, we will ask for wheels with 66 frame or 26 inch tires for you.

Electric bikes: 8-speed gears (freewheel, without coaster brake); range approx. 70 km (depending on riding style); only 21 kg net weight; suitable for body heights from 1.60 m – 1.90 m (bookable on request).

Own bikes

It is possible to bring your own bikes, but at your own risk. For possible damages etc. on the own bike during the whole bike trip as well as during transport trips can not be liable.

For your own safety, we recommend that you always wear a bicycle helmet on all bicycle tours.



> Both Koblenz and Perl are easily accessible by train. The Moselle Valley Railway is an experience!

> You can also find more information about the timetables at

Car & Parking

Parking possible in unguarded public parking lot near the hotel.

Return transfer Koblenz – Perl

By rail

> 2nd class, without train specification, only regional trains, mostly hourly from Koblenz HbF.

> Bicycle transport possible: free transport of own bicycles from Mon.-Fri. from 09:00; Fri, Sat, Sun without time limit.

> Please be sure to book “Transfer Person” in the booking form.

The return transfer of your own bikes is possible on individual days (Wed + Thu + Fri + Sat), see below. Please make sure to book your transfer person and transfer own bike directly (!) here. Unfortunately, it is not possible to book at a later date. Please note that wheels can only be fitted up to a rim width of max. 5 cm can be transported.

> Drop off no later than 4:30 pm the day before at the hotel. Delivery until approx. 10:00 a.m. the following day at the hotel of departure. Please be sure to book“Transfer bike without insurance” or“Transfer bike with insurance” in the booking form.

Things to see on the way ...

  • The old Roman city of Trier with the world-famous Porta Nigra, the cathedral, the Imperial Baths and a lot of joie de vivre.
  • The lovely Moselle landscape with its wines, mountains, bridges, castles and cities
  • The guard on the Rhine with emperor and fortress in Koblenz

Day by day

Arrival :
Day 1

Journey to Schengen / Perl

Individual journey to Perl near Schengen on the Moselle. Your rental bicycle, if booked, is ready for you at the hotel. At the hotel you can also get the tour information.

You still have a little time?

Experience Schengen, the place where Europe overcame its borders. Experience Luxembourg, France Germany – Benelux. Very close, from shore to shore.

A walk along the Moselle River in the border triangle is a great way to start this tour. Visit the Gardens Without Borders with the baroque garden around the Palais Nell in Perl.

Overnight stay in 3***+ Hotel Residence or equivalent.
Unguarded public parking lot near the hotel.

Schengen - Trier :
Day 2

Bike tour Schengen – Trier, ~ 55 km, 200 m↑↓, ~ 4 h

From Schengen you follow the cycle path along the river, which you will follow for the next eight days for about 200 km, first a good distance to the north-northeast. At this point, the Moselle – coming from the Vosges – has already covered a good 300 km. It gently runs through the wide valley with its numerous lakes, oxbow lakes and reed beds.

Enjoy the tranquility, the vastness before the road takes you to the lively Roman city of Trier.

Amidst the vineyards of Luxembourg and Germany, you will cycle through ancient Roman sites such as Remich and Nennig with probably the most important Roman mosaic in Germany, cycle through weirs and waves and always ride along the German-Luxembourg border in the middle of the river.

You can ride on both sides of the Moselle and enjoy changing banks every now and then over one of the many Moselle bridges. In the tour plan we have suggested a route for you. There is always at least one more, which is no less beautiful. Let your bike carry you. Keep your eyes on the river – and you’ll never get lost.

At Konz, the Saar flows into the Moselle. You may devote a break to the confluence of the two streams. Here it is huge, the Moselle as you will never see it again in the narrower and steeper wine country valley to the east. If you like – treat the emperors of Rome to an audience. The empire once built an imperial palace in Konz for Emperor Valentinian: well worth a detour!

In the evening you will reach Trier, the former imperial city of the Western Roman Empire, the city of archbishops and students, the city of good life in the West!

The oldest city in Germany attracts visitors with numerous historical sights. You should not miss the famous Porta Nigra, Roman excavations of all places, the Emperor’s Herem, Constantine’s Basilica or the amphitheater and the magnificent St. Peter’s Cathedral . A stroll through the lively old town is perfect to get in the mood for the hiking week ahead.

Overnight stay at the 4☼☼☼☼ Hotel
Vienna House Easy
or equivalent.

Trier - Neumagen-Drohn :
Day 3

Bike tour Trier – Neumagen-Drohn, ~ 45 km, 250 m↑↓, ~ 4 h

Trier – ah Trier!

I bet you’ve experienced it: Trier is worth its own trip. Come back once and let yourself be taken back to the ancient times of the Roman Imperial Baths, the Constantine Basilica, the Amphitheater. Give Karl Marx the honor, and Peter in the cathedral. Trier has so many colorful faces. Come again!

Today, however, we are moving on first. You continue to follow the Moselle and cycle past Schweich with its Old Ferry Tower.

The Roman Villa Rustika, a water conduit, the Roman ship, a Roman winepress remind at every turn the historical ground on which you walk.

You will pass through the Trittenheimer Moselschleife, the pretty village of Trittenheim and finally Neumagen-Dhron, which calls itself the oldest wine village in Germany.

You will stay overnight at 3☼☼☼ Hotel Lekker or equivalent.

Neumagen-Drohn - Traben-Trarbach :
Day 4

Bike tour Neumagen-Drohn – Traben-Trarbach, ~ 50 km, 220 m↑↓, ~ 4 h

Today, the numerous Moselle loops dominate the landscape.

Through picturesque vineyards you will reach Bernkastel-Kues. Already visible from the bike path is Landshut Castle. You will pass directly by the castle on the right side of the Moselle, the south bank. Due to the steep ascent, however, a detour is only recommended on foot. They go about 45 minutes.

Treat also the beautiful half-timbered houses of Kues for a while. Worth seeing is the market square lined with half-timbered houses. Wine lovers are invited to the Moselle Wine Museum incl. Vinotheque. Before continuing on to Traben-Trarbach with its Grevenburg ruins, the Mont Royal fortress ruins and the mighty slate city wall, we would like to mention a settlement from the Neolithic Age in the town of Kues. You move on historical ground at every turn.

Overnight stay in 3*** Parkhotel or equivalent

Traben-Trabach - Cochem :
Day 5

Cycle tour Traben-Trarbach to Cochem, approx. 60 km, 300 m↑↓, ~ 3 h

From Traben-Trarbach, the twin-town“pearl on the Middle Moselle“, you cycle through the narrow Moselle bends near Zell and Neef.

Before that, a small, friendly bicycle ferry already runs between Enkirch and Kövenig. You do not have to, but you may …

Via Bullay with its Roman settlements and Bremm, the Stuben monastery ruins and the Beilstein Metternich castle ruins (the “Rothenburg on the Moselle”), you reach the medieval town of Cochem.

Overnight stay at the 3☼☼☼Hotel Zehnthof or equivalent.

Cochem - Koblenz :
Day 6

Cycle tour Cochem – Koblenz, approx. 50 km, 350 m↑↓, ~ 4 h

From Cochem you cycle via Treis-Karden with its collegiate church and museum to Moselkern.

In a short detour on foot or by bike into the Eltz valley you have the opportunity to visit the impressively beautiful Eltz Castle – the one on the 50 – Mark – bill anno dazumal.

Passing the castle Bischofstein and Hatzenport with its Fährturm as well as the castle Thurant you drive to the wine-growing villages Kobern-Gondorf and Güls. High above the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz, face to face with “his” Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, the gigantic equestrian statue of Kaiser Wilhelm I has once again towered above the confluence of the Moselle and Rhine rivers since 1993. You have reached the “Wacht am Rhein”.

Overnight stay at the 4☼☼☼☼ Mercure Hotel or equivalent.

Koblenz :
Day 8


You have reached the ancient capital of the Rhenish Republic, the Romans, Chur-Trier, the Prussians, the Germans. Koblenz is probably the most underrated city in Germany. The banks of the Rhine and Moselle, the three fortresses, the fortress garden, the promenades, the beautiful old town. Koblenz is worth an extra day.

Stay or go and come back again. Maybe a Rhine tour next year?

Please book extra nights or return transfer to Perl as described.


are included ...

  • 7 x overnight stay with rich breakfast
  • 4 x half board, if booked: not in Trittenheim / Neumagen & Cochem.
  • Luggage transport with up to € 700 liability / person, delivery until about 18.00 clock
  • Info package with detailed tour book
  • GPS data of the route on request

supplement you should still ...

  • Local taxes: In some cases local taxes are levied by the municipalities, approx. € 3 per person per night. Please pay directly on site if necessary.

Dates and prices

Arrival days 2024: every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday in the …
Season 1 27.04. – 03.05.
Season 2 02.06. – 12.07.
Season 3 04.05. – 01.06. and 13.07. – 05.10.
The day of arrival determines the season.
All prices per person. The prices in the booking form or shopping cart apply.
Travel package Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
Double room w. breakfast 530 € 690 € 730 €
Single room w. breakfast 720 € 880 € 920 €
Extra nights
Extra night in Perl double room with breakfast 60 € 60 € 60 €
Extra night in Perl single room with breakfast 75 € 75 € 75 €
Extra night in Koblenz double room with breakfast 70 € 70 € 70 €
Extra night in Koblenz SR with breakfast 100 € 100 € 100 €
Additional services and return transfer from Koblenz to Perl
Half board on 4 days
(not in not in Trittenheim / Neumagen & Cochem)
155 € 155 € 155 €
Return transfer own bike with insurance 80 € 80 € 80 €
Return transfer own bike without insurance 40 € 40 € 40 €
Return transfer by train 22 € 22 € 22 €
Note: free choice of train on local train on weekdays from 9.00, Sat + Sun + holidays all day. Bicycles can be taken free of charge.

Return transfer of own bikes Wed + Thu + Fri + Sat up to a tire width of 5 cm possible. Return of the bikes to the last stage hotel no later than 16:30 on the day before the return journey. The bikes will be ready the next day at the starting hotel. Bicycle return transport only possible in addition to booking return transport person.

Rental bicycles
E-bike 200 € 200 € 200 €
Touring bike 100 € 100 € 100 €
Children discounts
Discount for 2 adults in double room, maximum 1 extra bed in double or shared room.
> Child as 3rd pers in room up to under 6 years old 100%
> Child as 3rd pers in the room from 6 and under 12 years (“Child 1”) 50%
> 3rd pers in room from 12 years (“child2”) 25%
Note: Please select “Child 1” or “Child 2” in the booking, depending on the age.


Are there child discounts and family discounts?

Yes. Please specify when booking:
Discount for 2 adults in double room, maximum 1 extra bed
0 – under 6 years: 100%
6 – under 12 years: 50%: please select “Child 1” in the booking form.
12 – under 16 years: 25%: please select “Child 2” in the booking form.

Can I book a return transfer from Koblenz to Trier?

Yes. We offer the following options:
1) Return journey KOBLENZ – TRIER
with the regional transport of the Deutsche Bahn. Departure daily, usually every hour throughout the season. Free choice of train on the local train from 9.00 am. No transfer to the station. Bicycle transport free of charge from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 24.00. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays all day. Please book “Transfer person”.

2) Return transfer of customer’s own wheels
If you do not wish to transport your bikes on the train yourself, you can have your bikes with a tire width of up to 5 cm transported by us on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays. Please return the bikes to the hotel no later than 4:30 pm the day before your return trip. The next day you will be ready to pick you up in Trier at the starting hotel. Please note: The bikes are taken along at the customer’s risk – no liability can be accepted for any damage etc. to the customer’s own bike during the entire bike trip or during transport (exclusion of liability). However, you can insure your bikes. If you would like to take advantage of the transportation service, please make sure you book it now:
– Transfer bike without insurance OR
– Transfer bike with insurance.

Please note: Depending on the accommodations we book for you, the overnight stops may differ from those indicated in the route plan. Please refer to your individual hotel list for accommodation locations! If you like - download the komoot app on your phone, search for this trip and let the app be your navigator and inspirer.

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