By bike from Passau to Vienna: Along the Danube

8 Days

Your trip

Cycle the most beautiful way to the heart of the old Danube monarchy

Route Danube Passau Vienna

Forests, rocks, castles and the warm hospitality of the people along the river await you on this tour. You always cycle along the river mainly on car-free cycle paths and cross it now and then on rustic ferries, massive weirs and historic bridges.

Depending on the season and weather, you will certainly not be alone on the road – and yet you will cycle through a tranquility as the Rhine once knew it centuries ago: always on well-maintained and signposted cycle paths, occasionally along roads with little traffic, away from the major metropolises.

From the episcopal three-river city of Passau, you first follow the Danube northeast to the Upper Austrian baroque city of Linz .

The Danube Cycle Path continues through the UNESCO World Heritage Site Wachau with all its wine villages, past sights such as Greinburg Castle and the world-famous Melk Abbey, until you finally reach the enchanting imperial and waltzing city of Vienna.

On the way along the Danube you will have enough time to get to know the Austrian cuisine and hospitality in the many inns or Heurigen.

And with everything applies – as always: You cycle, we take care of your luggage. Luggage transport incl.


We book for you very good, regionally typical hotels of 3*** and 4****- category. You can choose between two hotel categories:

> Category A: 4****hotels throughout, except in Grein in the very good 3***hotel,

> Category B: Good 3***hotels – in Vienna in 4****Hotel.


Daily breakfast buffet or large cyclist breakfast is included in the price.
When booking half board (4x) on days 2, 3, 5 as well as day 7 in Vienna incl. 3-course dinner menu with choice of main course, some in neighboring restaurants.

The route

You will ride over slightly hilly, mostly flat, very well-maintained bike paths and quiet, low-traffic side roads.

In 6 daily stages you will travel between 40 and 80 km; in total about 330 km.

The trip is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility. Please contact us for detailed information if needed.

Return transfer from Vienna to Passau

By bus: Saturdays and in June, July, August also Sundays

The minibus will pick you up in Vienna directly at the hotel and drive to Passau to the parking lot: Arrival in Passau around 13:30. Please book this option directly if you wish. On-site purchase is no longer possible.

By train: anytime else

Trains from Vienna to Passau run daily at 2-hour intervals. Takt, without changing trains. You will receive a train ticket Vienna-Passau, 2nd class for free train choice (except Westbahn). There is no transfer to the train station. Please book this option directly if you wish.

Return transfer of own wheels

The return transfer is possible every day, provided that you also book the passenger return transfer with us. Please be sure to specify the option return transfer person and return transfer own bike directly when booking. Unfortunately, a purchase on site is not possible.

Transportation options:

> Saturdays: within the framework of bus return transfers as joint transport person + bike

> On the remaining days: Please return your bicycles to the hotel in Vienna the day before your return trip. These will be available for pickup at the Infopoint in Passau the following day. Please book the return transport with or transport insurance.

Rental bicycles

Robust touring bikes: 7 speeds with hub gears and coaster brake or 21/24 speeds with derailleur gears and freewheel, comfort saddle, 28 inch with different frame heights. If you are taller than 1.90 m or shorter than 1.60 m, we will request wheels with a 66 frame or 26 inches for you.

Electric bikes: 8-speed gears (freewheel, without coaster brake); range approx. 70 km (depending on riding style); suitable for heights from 1.60 m – 1.90 m (bookable on request).

Own bikes

It is possible to bring your own bikes, but at your own risk. For possible damages etc. on the own bike during the whole bike trip as well as during transport trips can not be liable.

For your own safety, we recommend that you always wear a bicycle helmet on all bicycle tours.



Passau is very easy to reach by long-distance and regional trains of the Deutsche Bahn. You can also find more information about the timetables at

Car & Parking

You will have access to a fenced, unguarded private parking lot on the outskirts of town, near the bike drop-off or arrival hotel. Alternatively, you can use a public parking garage at the freight station in the immediate vicinity of the main station. You pay per car for the total duration of your stay about 45,- €. Please pay directly on site, subject to availability. The parking lot cannot be reserved in advance.

Country information

Please see our entry information for Austria on our Country Information page.

We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance. you can find a quote on our travel insurance page.

What can you look forward to ...

  • Baroque city of Passau with its three rivers, the imposing Veste Oberhaus fortress and St. Stephen's Cathedral
  • World Cultural Heritage Wachau with its forests, wine villages and world-famous monasteries
  • Abbey Stift Melk
  • Linz on the Danube - modernity and baroque splendor
  • Vienna - the secret heart of all cyclists
  • Luggage transport

From day to day

Journey to Passau :
Day 1

Journey to Passau:
Welcome to the start!

Danube Cycle Route PassauUse the first day to visit the episcopal residence of Passau with its baroque old town, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Three Rivers Corner and the castles Veste Oberhaus and Veste Unterhaus.

The best way to get a first overview is to visit the tourist information office at the old town hall on the Danube quay in the old town, Rathausplatz 2.

The travel documents and the rental bicycles (if booked) are waiting for you at the arrival hotel.

Do you feel like taking a three-river cruise?

We recommend the comfortable city tour from the water:
In summer daily at 30-minute intervals from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm; approx. € 15,- pP, payable on site, riverside promenade of the Danube.

Do you already like to cycle in a little?

Danube Cycle Route Passau ViennaThen we have an idea for you: about 15 km and completely flat.

  1. Start your little door below the cathedral and cycle not towards the Danube but towards the Inn.
  2. Cross the Inn River with the Marienbrücke bridge and turn right at Kirchplatz into Ledergasse out of town in the direction of Schärding. Follow the alley straight out of town.
  3. Over a small, curved bridge, we cross the railroad tracks, poof, into Austria.
  4. Continue cycling along the cycle path up the river bank to Wernstein am Inn.
  5. There you cross the bike suspension bridge. You are, poof, back in Bavaria.
  6. Keep to the right and drive along the left bank of the Inn River back towards Passau. You will pass the university and on your right you will see the Marienbrücke again.

Done. Congratulations!

Passau -> Engelhartszell -> Schlögen (46 km) :
Day 2

Passau -> Engelhartszell -> Schlögen (46 km)

From Passau we start along the Danube to the first stopover in Engelhartszell.

You can cycle on both sides of the Danube. We recommend the southern bank on the side of the old town and the mouth of the Inn River. So cross the Inn one last time. You already know the Marienbrücke from yesterday.

Cycle the north bank below the Veste Passau Oberhaus, then please cross the Danube at the weir and the power station Jochenstein. No matter which shore you take. A look at the weir, the lock and the power plant is always worthwhile. Let the dammed stream from its center on you!

Speaking of Jochenstein

They are standing in front of the first of a total of nine river power plants between Passau and Bratislava. The weir was built in 1952 to protect shipping from the rapids of the Jochenstein. Today, the annual average head of the lock is 10 meters. The power plant includes 5 tubines, through which the entire Danube water flows at normal times: 2,050 m3 per second. The machines have an output of 40,000 hp. The lock is about 230 meters long and 24 meters wide. If you wanted to fill it with a garden hose – you would need a good 7 years and 6 months….

Do you have a little time? Visit the museum “Haus am Strom”. Good coffee and interesting info about life on the Danube and the power plant.

But OK, let’s move on …

From Jochenstein please follow the southern shore to Engelhartszell with its famous Trappist monastery. It was founded in 1293 by order of the Bishop of Passau “in an unsafe area”. So be on your guard! Take a break in the monastery garden. Pause for a moment in the monastery church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Then follow the stream to Schlögen.

If you like, cross the Danube on the first bridge behind Engelhartszell before the village of Wesenufer. Then follow the north shore to the throat of the Schlögener Loop. You will drive through beautiful orchards along the river. At Dantelbach you cross the border from Germany to Austria.

Shortly after Marsbach you will pass the Haichenbach ghost castle. The ruin is located directly in the middle of the Schlögener Schlinge on the Danube peninsula. If you like, leave the bikes and climb up to the castle. The path is well marked, not long but steep. You will be rewarded with a fantastic view.

The haunted castle

It is said that on nights when the moon is full, the cries of the murdered lady of the castle can be heard echoing across the Danube: “It’s me! Don’t you recognize me?”


Once upon a time, robber barons from Marbach moved into neighboring Haichenbach, besieged and stormed the castle. They executed the lord of the castle. As a last wish, they granted him beforehand to eat cherries from his garden. He ate, spat the seeds over the wall and cursed them, “These seeds may kill you!”

A few years later, the Marsbachers again moved in front of the castle with a force of the Passau bishop. A young man got over the walls via a church tree. In the fight under the full moon man against man, the boy in a dark chamber did not realize that he was facing a woman. He killed them. This woman, he realized with horror, was his own mother.

Moving on…

You have almost made it.

Right in the throat you take one of the two cuddly bicycle ferries back to the south shore to Schlögen – your stage destination. The Hotel Donauschlinge and the campsite with its inn share a beautiful location directly on the banks of the Danube.

The Roman Limens watchtower IOVIACUM was once located here. The foundations of the gate can still be seen. A sketch informs about the dimensions of the camp.

Danube loop Schloegen

As a highlight of the day spend the night
You, if indicated on the hotel list,
in the middle of the famous Schlögener
Danube Loop.

4 hours
Schlögen -> Linz (approx. 55 km) :
Day 3

Schlögen -> Linz (approx. 55 km)

Stay on the “outside curve” and cycle through the narrowest spot in the entire Danube Valley into the Schlögener Schlinge. Sometimes it looks as if the valley here simply ends in the hard granite mountains. Follow the stream and pass the uninhabited narrow valley near Kaiserau.

Further on the way leads you to Aschach with its famous baroque market. Cross the Danube, if you like. The path leads them past numerous beautiful beer gardens.

Then you cycle through the fertile Eferding basin to the town of the same name via Wilhering. Take a moment to visit the rococo church with its thousand angel figures.

Now only a few kilometers remain to Linz.

Sights: The “New” Marian Cathedral, the Linz Castle, the Museum of the Future Ars Electronica or also the Avangarde Art Museum Lentos.

A special treat is of course the Linzer Torte in one of the many fine coffee houses and bakeries.

5 hours
Linz -> Greinburg (approx. 63 km) :
Day 4

Linz -> Greinburg (approx. 63 km)

Behind Linz, the Danube valley widened. You follow the cycle path through the Machland in the direction of Mauthausen & Abwinden power station.

Leave the city center via the Nibelungen Bridge, turn right after the bridge onto the Danube Cycle Path on the left bank of the river. If you like, make a detour to the Pleschinger Badesee.

You follow the left bank and partly cycle along the main road, which is mostly lightly trafficked. On the way you will pass St. Georgen a bit off the Danube. Following the Danube Cycle Path, you will pass the Gusen Concentration Camp Memorial after St. Georgen and cycle towards Mauthausen.


Here in Mauthausen, the National Socialists established the largest concentration camp on Austrian soil. In 49 satellite camps, mainly political prisoners, intellectual elites from all over Europe were at the mercy of Nazi terror. More than 100,000 people fell victim to the horrific living and working conditions, inhumane “medical experiments” and “racial studies” as forced laborers of the extermination machinery.

Take a little time. Descend and climb the 75 meters from the Danube to the concentration camp memorial. Take part in the only gesture that remains for us today in shame of what has happened: to remember and to admonish.


Yes. It’s not easy to get back on the saddle with this historic baggage. But we may. So let’s cycle on – in gratitude for the freedom in which we live.

Feel free to visit one of the beautiful beer gardens of the Mauthausen Danube bank. Afterwards, please follow the bike path on the flood embankment along the federal highway. in the direction of Camping Au, Mitterkirchen and Grein.

Celtic village Mitterkirchen

If you want to visit the Celtic village Mitterkirchen, follow the signs as a detour from the trail. In the 1980s, a number of Celtic princely tombs were found here. Around it, a Celtic village has been built, whose resting place and insight into the late antique life on the Danube is worth seeing.

Use the lock Wallsee Mitterkirchen to cross the Danube to the right, the south bank. You cycle directly to the oxbow island Wallsee. Behind the oxbow bridge Wallsee-Bergen two more places invite you to take a break: The Wallsee Roman Museum or the beach and water sports center at the oxbow lake.

Follow the riverside road past Wallsee Castle along the Danube between Upper and Lower Austria.

Danube bike path GreinburgAfterwards you come to the Strudengau to the day’s destination Grein with the Greinburg Castle. For more than 500 years, this residential castle has watched over the Danube valley as a “sworn pilot” turned to stone. Once the most important economic factor for shipping through the dangerous whirlpools of the Studengau, today it lies peacefully on the shore of your stage destination.

The spacious Renaissance courtyard with knights’ hall, castle chapel and stone theater in the cellar can be visited – just like the Upper Austria Shipping Museum.

6 hours
Greinburg -> Maria Taferl (30 km) :
Day 5

Greinburg -> Maria Taferl (30 km)

Passing the “legendary” island of Wörth, you will reach the Nibelungengau – a stretch of the Danube with a storied past. You always cycle along the left, the northern bank. The peaceful idyll of the wide stream is deceptive. Once the deadly sister of the Loreley raged here….

The Danube Struden

Around the island of Wörth at the foot of Werfenstein Castle, the Danube once showed its wildest side. Even a ship of the young Empress Elisabeth capsized here. Today, there is nothing left of the once wild water. From the 1860s, the rocks in the Fluus began to be blasted and with the construction of the Ybbs barrage, the mean water level was raised by about 10 meters (!).

Originally, however, the danger was not overcome until St. Nikola. The church is dedicated to St. Nicholas, patron saint of sailors.

Behind Weins you reach the weir Ybbs. Feel free to make a detour to the lock, but please stay on the north bank towards Persenbeug. Ybbs you can see from a distance on the opposite bank. From Persenbeug to Gottsdorf you are welcome to shorten the peninsula. The more beautiful path, however, follows the shore.

Drive along the Danube meander past the Granz marina to Marbach an der Donau with the most important pilgrimage site in Lower Austria, Maria Taferl, high above the Danube.

If you have time and feel like a hike, we recommend a side trip to the Steinbachklamm gorge – or to the pilgrimage church of Maria Taferl. Be impressed by the basilica with its magnificent distant view.

4 hours
Maria Taferl -> Krems / Traismauer (approx. 55 km) :
Day 6

Maria Taferl -> Krems / Traismauer (approx. 55 km)

Coming from Marbach, please continue along the north bank until you reach the Danube bridge in Klein-Pöchlarn. Here you cross the Danube to the south bank and keep left downstream towards Melk.

Alternatively, you can follow the Danube a little further on the north side and cross the stream at the Melk barrage.

Either way – Melk is not to be missed. The world-famous Benedictine Abbey Stift Melk is worth a visit. High above the city and the river, the UNESCO World Heritage Site and landmark of the Wachau is enthroned on the monastery rock.

Abbey Stift Melk

It is said that the huge monastery complex has 365 magnificent windows, so that one should be cleaned every day. In fact, however, there are 1,365 windows that let the light flood into 497 rooms according to the course of the sun. Hallelujah!


Linger a little in Melk. Then you will leave the city and head towards the Danube bank, crossing the river behind the Melk Altarm boat station along the B1 federal road bridge. Keep to the right in the direction of Willendorf through the Schwallenbach vineyards via the wine villages of Mitterarnsdorf and Mautern to Krems.

You cycle through the world-famous vineyards of the Wachau World Heritage Site.Danube cycle path Dürenstein

Pass the towns of Spitz and Weißenkirchen and Dürnstein. Treat yourself to a detour to the old town with its castle ruins before heading to the day’s destination in Krems (UNESCO World Heritage Site) or Traismauer.

Shortcut possible by Wachau boat trip e.g. from Spitz (from 11:40) or Dürnstein (from 12:30) to Krems, arrival approx. 12:50 (slight change in timetable possible for 2022)

5 hours
Krems / Traismauer - Vienna (approx. 57 - 73 km) :
Day 7

Krems / Traismauer – Vienna (approx. 57 – 73 km)

Today we start the last stage to Vienna – always along the south bank of the Danube.

Your starting point, Traismauer an der Traisen opens up the basin of the Tulln fields to you. Once an important base of the Romans as an equestrian camp on the Limes, Traismeuer was in the Middle Ages again and again fiercely fought over between the bishoprics of Passau and the cathedral capital of Salzburg.

In 1483 Turkish troops briefly conquered Traismauer. From the subsequent fortification of the city against a renewed attack originate the massive city walls and gates, such as the Roman Gate.

Drive past the Roman and flower and Nibelungen city of Tulln. Via Greifenstein Castle at the spa settlement of St. Andrä-Wördern and Klosterneuburg you will reach Höflein, a suburb of Vienna.

Depending on the information in your travel documents, please return your the rental bikes in Höflein. Bike-free, take the S-Bahn (payable locally, approx. € 4,-/person) to Vienna.

Alternatively, you can cycle past Klosterneuburg to the center of the city of waltzes (approx. 20 km additional).

The world metropolis offers a variety of sights. Allow yourself some time for St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Ringstrasse, the palace, Schönbrunn Zoo, Prater, Danube Tower or Belvedere Palace.

Departure or extension in Vienna :
Day 8

Departure or extension in Vienna

If you don’t know this wonderful city yet or just want to enjoy it a little more – we definitely recommend an extension!Vienna Hofburg


Your package

... contains

  • Overnight stays with breakfast in selected hotel category as described
  • Luggage transport from hotel to hotel to Vienna incl. Liability up to 700 € / pers
  • Detailed travel documents with tour book
  • GPS data on request
  • Saddlebag rental - also for customers' own bikes
  • 7 days service phone
  • If booked: 4 x half board on days 2, 3, 5 and day 7 in Vienna

... and does not contain

  • Parking lot in Passau
  • Local taxes; costs: from approx. € 2 p. p. / night, payable on site
  • Everything that is not explicitly booked or listed as included in the travel package

Dates and prices

Travel start 2024 Fr., Sat, Sun, Mon possible, from 01.06. until 31.08. daily in …
Season 1 26.04. – 29.04. and 30.09. – 06.10.
Season 2 03.05. – 13.05., 17.06. – 30.06. and 08.09. – 29.09.
Season 3 17.05. – 16.06. and 01.07. – 07.09.
The day of arrival determines the season.
All prices per person. The prices in the booking form or shopping cart apply.
Travel package cat. B, standard Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
Double room w. breakfast 485 € 670 € 700 €
Single room w. breakfast 685 € 870 € 900 €
Half board 4 x (on days 2, 4, 5, 7) 100 € 100 € 100 €
Travel Package Cat A, Comfort
Double room w. breakfast 585 € 780 € 800 €
Single room w. breakfast 810 € 1.005 € 1.025 €
Half board 4 x (on days 2, 4, 5, 7) 125 € 125 € 125 €
If you book half board, we will reserve for you one 3-course dinner each, partly in restaurants close to the hotel.
Extra nights cat B, standard
Passau (starting point): Double room with breakfast 60 € 60 € 60 €
Passau (starting point): Single room with breakfast 85 € 85 € 85 €
Vienna: double room with breakfast 70 € 70 € 70 €
Vienna: single room with breakfast 120 € 120 € 120 €
Extra nights Cat A, Comfort
Passau (starting point): Double room with breakfast 70 € 70 € 70 €
Passau (starting point): Single room with breakfast 100 € 100 € 100 €
Vienna: double room with breakfast 90 € 90 € 90 €
Vienna: single room with breakfast 150 € 150 € 150 €
Additional nights are possible in Passau (additional night starting point) and in Vienna (additional night). If necessary, please indicate in the comments field of the booking how many additional nights you want and at which location.
Additional services
Return transfer person by train 35 € 35 € 35 €
Return transfer person by bus 35 € 35 € 35 €
Return transfer bike WITHOUT insurance 40 € 40 € 40 €
Return transfer bike WITH insurance 60 € 60 € 60 €
Return transfer by train: possible daily, every 2 hours, no change of trains, 2nd class, free choice of train.
Return transfer by bus: every Sat., in June, July, August also Sun. from the hotel to the parking lot in Passau, arrival around 1:30 p.m.
Return transfer of own bikes: please be sure to book now. No on-site sales possible!
Rental bicycles
E-bike 190 € 190 € 190 €
Touring bike 90 € 90 € 90 €
Children discounts
Discount for 2 adults in double room, maximum 1 extra bed in double or shared room.
> Child as 3rd pers in room up to under 7 years old 0 € 0 € 0 €
Children in Cat B, Standard
> Child as 3rd pers in room from 7 and under 12 years (“Child 1”) 243 € 335 € 350 €
> Child as 3rd pers in the room from 12 and up to under 15 years (“Child 2”) 364 € 503 € 525 €
> Extra night “Child 1 35 € 35 € 35 €
> Extra night “Child 2 53 € 53 € 53 €
Children in Cat A, Comfort
> Child as 3rd pers in room from 7 and under 12 years (“Child 1”) 293 € 390 € 400 €
> Child as 3rd pers in the room from 12 and up to under 15 years (“Child 2”) 439 € 585 € 600 €
> Extra night “Child 1 45 € 45 € 45 €
> Extra night “Child 2 68 € 68 € 68 €
Note: Please select “Child 1” or “Child 2” in the booking, depending on the age.

Smartass Corner

What is the Danube Cycle Route?

According to the ADFC, it is the best signposted cycle path in Europe. You will not get lost. And if you do – the Danube will certainly help you. The bike path was founded in 1982. In the meantime, it actually runs from its source in Donaueschingen through 10 countries to its mouth in the Black Sea. Predominantly it runs on both sides of the stream, sometimes only on one side. There are 20 weirs, many bridges and quaint ferries. Change sides every now and then!
The cycle path follows the ancient Roman road along the Danube Limes, the VIA ISTRUM. It connected forts and fortresses. He led legions and merchant travelers. Today, the cycle path on the Passau => Vienna section is the second busiest cycle path in Europe – after the Lake Constance circular route.

Please watch out for oncoming traffic cycling. Most tourists go down the stream. Road bike. and other cyclists come to meet you, however.

Most sections in Germany and Austria are car-free or traffic-calmed, asphalted throughout, and easy to navigate even in small groups.

Suitable for families?

Yes! The way at all. The cycle path is almost continuously asphalted, sufficiently wide, rather falch and on the route Passau => Vienna mainly car-free. In some places, bicycles and local traffic share the path. On bridges and in cities, it sometimes runs along roads. Weir and lock crossings sometimes have steps. But they are worth it! Change sides from time to time.

There are plenty of rest areas and also playgrounds every now and then. The path is lined with great castles and local hospitality.

The Danube - would you have known?

From Donaueschingen to the Black Sea. At almost 3,000 km long, the Danube is the second longest river in Europe after the Volga – and the only one that flows from west to east. As many as 22 springs in the Black Forest lay claim to their origin. Of particular beauty: the famous cave outflow of the Donaubach near Donaueschingen. After a dispute lasting more than 100 years, this karstic rising spring from the caves of the Black Forest and the Alps in the Fürstlich Fürstenberg castle garden is considered THE spring.

How many countries does the Danube flow through?

The Danube flows through 10 countries, more than any other on earth: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine.

How long is the Danube?

This changes from year to year. Although the Danube is continuously dredged, it carries about 70 million cubic meters of sediment into the sea every year. As a result, it tends to become longer and longer. Funny: Danube kilometer 0 – the Danube is kilometered from the mouth upwards – is located at the “estuary lighthouse” Sulina – in the meantime about 4 km from the coastline. Officially, the Danube has entered our millennium with 2,860.5 km.

What does Danube mean here?

As always – nothing is known for sure. But they tell each other: DON is a Celtic word for water. AQUA is the Latin equivalent. The DON-A(Q)U thus carries water in a double sense and in several languages.

And what about the height?

The Danube rises at 702 meters above sea level – and flows into the sea at 0. The “German” Danube loses about 310 meters over its ~ 600 km. The ~ 300 km in Austria cost another 120 meters in altitude. After that it becomes flat. Impressive: The up to 20 meters (!) high lock gorges.

How many locks does the Danube have!

Many. If I counted correctly: 20. Impressive: their drop heights. Up to 20 meters are overcome by the barrages. Abnormal concrete heaving in the stream. By the way: If you wanted to fill the largest of the Danube lock chambers with a household water tap – you would need about 14 years, 6 months and 2 weeks.


Oh yes, by ship! Between Passau and Vienna, between Vienna and Bratislava, between Bratislava and Budapest, passenger ships run regularly in summer. Mostly they take bicycles with them. A very good introduction to the diversity of Austria’s offerings is provided by, for example.

Are there children & family discounts?

Yes! If you are working with min. two full-paying guests, you can take children with you in a shared or double room with an extra bed under the following conditions:
– Children 0 to under 6 years: 100%
– Children 6 to under 12 years: 50%, please book as “Child 1”.
– Children 12 to under 16 years: 25%, please book as “Child 2”.

Can I book extra nights?

Yes. We are happy to arrange one or more nights before, during or after the trip. Please book
– “Extra night starting point” for one night in Passau resp.
– “Extra night” for an extra night in Vienna or Linz.

Is there a return transfer from Vienna to Passau?

Yes. We can offer the following options for you and, if necessary, your own bike:
– per person on Saturdays by bus: from about 40,- €,
– per person Sun – Fri by train: from about 40,- €,
– Return transfer customer’s own bike WITHOUT transport insurance: from about 40,- €,
– Return transfer customer’s own bike WITH transport insurance: from about 60,- €.

Please note: Depending on the accommodations we book for you, the overnight stops may differ from those indicated in the route plan. Please refer to your individual hotel list for accommodation locations! If you like - download the komoot app on your phone, search for this trip and let the app be your navigator and inspirer.

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