Hiking trip Moselsteig: In 8 days from Trier via Cochem to Koblenz

8 Days

Your trip

You would like to experience the Moselle?

Great idea: The Moselsteig from Trier to Koblenz a majestic classic!

Enjoy the Moselle valley on wonderful hiking days between lovely wine villages, steep mountain slopes of Eifel and Hunsrück, once mighty castles of the Trier, Chur-Main and Cologne archbishoprics. Enjoy the Mosel hospitality at every turn. High-altitude trails with fantastic views of the Moselle river bends, vineyards, wooded mountain ranges, countless castles and the best panoramic spots above the water: your hiking week is full of highlights.

On your way from the former imperial city of the Roman Empire, Trier, to the Deutsches Eck (German Corner) in the heart of Koblenz, you will pass – always following the Mosel loops – charming wine-growing villages under Germany’s steepest vineyard, the Calmont, and the imperial castle of Cochem. On the way, you will have plenty of time to stop at the countless Straußenwirtschaften and wine cellars and get to know the world of winegrowers.

You will discover idyllic little half-timbered villages, hike through unique evergreen boxwood forests, climb rocky high trails and cross the steepest vineyards in Europe. Imposing rest areas and lookout pavilions await you with fantastic distant views and rustic winegrowers’ taverns invite you to enjoy the wonderful Moselle wine.

With Trier, the oldest city in Germany, the popular Eltz Castle, as well as the historic Roman hilltop settlements and temple complexes, cultural enjoyment is not neglected either. Look forward to fantastic hikes between the mountain ranges of the Eifel, the Hunsrück and the Mosel valley!

Please note: This shorter version of the tour omits the loop (5) on the map, the round trip from Cochem to Cochem. In addition, take the train for the last stretch (9) from Kobern-Gondorf to Koblenz. Parts (5) and (9) shown on the map are only included in tour variant 195a.


You will stay in real Moselan, regionally typical, very good middle class hotels of the 3*** category – always with their own wine magic.


Daily breakfast buffet or extended breakfast included

When booking half board incl. 5 x 3-course dinners, not in Trier and Koblenz, possibly in neighboring restaurants.

The route

For the most part, you’ll hike on good trails and paths, graveled wine trails and secluded forest trails. The panoramic trails lead in sections over steep terrain and rocks, here surefootedness is required. The ascents and descents to the heights of the Moselle valley are easily manageable with good basic fitness. A shortening of the stages is possible almost at any time comfortably by train.

The trip is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility. Please contact us for detailed information if needed.



Both Koblenz and Trier are easily accessible by local and long-distance train. The Moselle Valley Railway is an experience!

More information about the schedules can also be found at www.bahn.de.

Car & Parking

Parking is possible in an unguarded public parking lot near the hotel for approx. 15 € / day. Limited hotel parking spaces are also available for approx. 15 € / day, unfortunately advance reservation is not possible.

Return journey Koblenz – Trier

By rail

The Moselle Valley Railway connects Koblenz and Trier mostly at hourly intervals. Take your time for the return journey. You train ride is a real experience. They are on the road for about 1 1/2 hours. Feel free to get off in between and enjoy one last beautiful Moselle day on your trip. For schedules and tickets, visit www.bahn.de.

May it be a little more – or a little less?!

No problem – this trip has a big sister and a little sister.

> With the tour 195a you are 10 days on the road between Trier and Koblenz. You will also hike the last part of the Modelsteig from Gondorf to Koblenz Güls and make a very interesting loop on the Middle Mosel around Bullay.

> The trip 195c leads you in 5 days through the heart of the Moselle valley.

Things to see on the way ...

  • The old Roman city of Trier with the world-famous Porta Nigra, the cathedral, the Imperial Baths and a lot of joie de vivre.
  • The lovely Moselle landscape with its wines, mountains, bridges, castles and cities
  • The guard on the Rhine with emperor and fortress in Koblenz
  • Cochem with its famous Reichsburg
  • Eltz Castle in the Eltz Valley near Moselkern

Day by day

Journey to Trier :
Day 1

Journey to Trier

Individual arrival to Trier. Output of the tour information. Unguarded parking payable on site.

Trier, the oldest city in Germany attracts visitors with numerous historical sights. You should not miss the famous Porta Nigra, Roman excavations of all places, the Emperor’s Herem, Constantine’s Basilica or the amphitheater and the magnificent St. Peter’s Cathedral . A stroll through the lively old town is perfect to get in the mood for the hiking week ahead.

Trier - Schweich - Bullay :
Day 2

Hike Trier – Schweich, ~ 16 km, 430 m↑↓, ~ 6 h
Train ride Schweich – Bullay

To begin your journey, cross the Moselle River and climb up to the colorful sandstone cliffs at Trier’s city forest.

On a magnificent high trail with a deep view of the Moselle and distant views as far as the Hunsrück, the route leads to Biewer and the foothills of the Eifel. You hike through extensive forests and plateaus to the Ehranger Kanzel and down to the river Kyll. The trail continues through the Eifel forests to Schweich.

Afterwards, please take the Mosel Valley Railway to the charming Mosel village of Bullay with its numerous Straußwirtschaften. They are on the road for about half an hour. Trains usually run twice an hour. Timetable and tickets can be found eg. At: www.moseltalbahn.de.

Bullay - Traben-Trabach - Bullay :
Day 3

Hike Bullay – Traben-Trabach – Bullay, ~ 19 km, 550m ↑↓, ~ 6 h

Please take the Moseltalbahn one more time today – now in the opposite direction > Trier one stop to Traben-Trabach. Regional trains of Deutschan Bahn usually run twice an hour. You will be on the road for about 20 minutes and cross Germany’s longest hillside viaduct by train to the start of the hike in the art nouveau town of Traben-Trabach.

Steeply uphill you hike to the imposing ruin Grevenburg. The Franzosensteig leads you over spiral staircases and steps through the middle of the ruin. Spectacular is the deep view opens to the river.

An alpine hiking section along the Kirster ridge leads you to Enkirch with a great view. Neat half-timbered houses line the streets between the vineyards and the Moselle. Through vineyards and vineyards it goes to Bullay. In the evening, a tasting of the best Moselle wines awaits you.

Bullay - Ediger-Eller - Cochem :
Day 4

Hike Bullay – Ediger-Eller – Cochem, ~ 18 km, 520 m↑↓, ~ 6 h

Beautiful paths lead you high above the river to the Petersberg, where the summit cross offers impressive deep views of the Moselle loop.

After descending and crossing the river at Neef, you climb the Calmont on the other side. You will discover the steepest vineyard in Europe, where the vineyard slopes up to 55°.

Via a Roman hilltop settlement with a view of the rocky needle of the “Eller Todesangst” you climb past the Galgenlay pavilion to the Ediger-Eller train station and by Mosel Valley Railway one stop through the tunnel to Cochem.

Cochem - Treis-Karden :
Day 5

Hike Cochem – Treis – Karden, approx. 23 km, 750 m↑↓, ~ 8 h

On foot or by chairlift to the Pinnerkreuz, a magnificent rocky pulpit overlooking Cochem. On forest paths high above the river, the route leads to the legendary “Wingerts Budche” rest hut. The Dortebach Valley nature reserve, the Pomeranian Forest and the trail through the Schilzer Ditch promise pleasantly shady freshness.

Through green vineyards you will reach the Martberg Archaeological Park, where an excellently restored Roman temple complex invites you to visit. Narrow paths wind through dense forest down into the valley and the finish in Treis-Karden.

Treis Karden - Eltz Castle - Löf :
Day 6

Hike Treis Karden – Eltz Castle – Hatzenport, approx. 20 km, 500 m↑↓, ~ 6 h

The impressive boxwood trail welcomes you with evergreen forests and steep rocky steps. From Müden, you will hike along historic pilgrimage trails into the highlands to the legendary Eltz Castle.

After a stop in the beer garden up to the Maifeld and along the steep edge over small climbing passages to Hatzenport. Those who still have strength climb over slate rocks to the Rabenlay.

Löf - Kobern Gondorf - Koblenz :
Day 7

Hike Löf – Kobern-Gondorf, approx. 14 km, 500 m↑↓, ~ 5 h

Today you will cross the Moselle twice. From Alken to the impressive Spornburg Thurant and over rocky paths down to the more than 1000-year-old Michaelskapelle, one of the oldest churches on the Moselle.

Then hike through the vines to the pilgrimage church on Bleidenberg. Best views up to the Volcanic Eifel accompany you on the magnificent high trail to Oberfell. Across a sunny plateau to the panoramic cliff of the Hitzlay – enjoy the view before you hike down to Niederfell and reach your stage destination today via the Moselgoldbrücke.

Continue by train to Koblenz. For schedules and tickets, visit www.moseltalbahn.de.

Koblenz :
Day 8


You have reached the ancient capital of the Rhenish Republic, the Romans, Chur-Trier, the Prussians, the Germans. Koblenz is probably the most underrated city in Germany. The banks of the Rhine and Moselle, the three fortresses, the fortress garden, the promenades, the beautiful old town. Koblenz is worth an extra day.

Stay or go and come back again. Maybe a Rhine tour next year?

Please book extra nights or make your way back to Trier with the Mosel Valley Railway every (half) hour.


are included ...

  • Overnight stay with rich breakfast
  • Wine tasting Moselle wines
  • Luggage transport
  • Info package with detailed tour book
  • Navigation app and GPS data on demand
  • Service hotline

supplement you should still ...

  • Local taxes: In some cases local taxes are levied by the municipalities, approx. € 3 per person per night. Please pay directly on site if necessary.
  • Travel by public transportation: 1) Schweich - Bullay, 2) Reil - Bullay, 3) Ediger Eller - Cochem, 4) Kobern Gondorf - Koblenz

Dates and prices

Travel start 2024: possible daily in …
Season 1 23.03. – 28.04. and 23.09. – 13.10.
Season 2 29.04. – 02.06. and 12.08. – 01.09.
Season 3 03.06. – 11.08. and 02.09. – 22.09.
The day of arrival determines the season.
All prices per person. The prices in the booking form or shopping cart apply.
Travel package Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
Double room with breakfast / pers 830 € 900 € 970 €
Single room w. breakfast 1.130 € 1.200 € 1.270 €
Extra nights
Trier (starting point): Double room with breakfast / pers 90 € 90 € 90 €
Trier (starting point): Single room with breakfast 150 € 150 € 150 €
Koblenz (destination): Double room with breakfast / pers 80 € 90 € 100 €
Koblenz (destination): with breakfast 130 € 140 € 150 €
Additional nights are possible at each stage destination. Price on request. If necessary, please indicate in the comments field of the booking how many additional nights you want and at which location.
Please note: Depending on the accommodations we book for you, the overnight stops may differ from those indicated in the route plan. Please refer to your individual hotel list for accommodation locations! If you like - download the komoot app on your phone, search for this trip and let the app be your navigator and inspirer. Please note: The map shows the complete route from Trier to Koblenz, as provided for in the 10-day variant 195a. The variant presented here shortens the last stage by train and omits the loop around Cochem.

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