Active vacation Croatian islands: sailing, surfing, diving, kayaking, cycling and hiking

14 Days

Your trip

Look forward to our multi-sport camp on the beach of the island world of Croatia with excursions to the Velebit mountains

Sports and beach?
Mountains and sea?
Adventure and recreation!

We have put together a package of options for you at two locations:

You will spend your vacation in a tiny-house in the middle of a quiet beach and sports camp directly on the beach of the west coast of the island of Pag in Simuni. Relax. Enjoy the beautiful sunsets and the fine cuisine of Croatian cuisine in all its diversity. In the camp there is a colorful variety of restaurants and bars in the forest and by the sea.

The small self-catering homes offer two rather narrow bedrooms for up to 4 (+ 1) people, shower, toilet, kitchen-living room and – probably the most important thing – a large terrace. The beach is close and within a few minutes walk. The same goes for shopping, activities and restaurants. The entire camp is situated in a shady olive grove on the hillside, with little traffic. a beautiful place.

Design your own vacation according to your mood. You shop on site and cook for yourself – or go out to eat at one of the many restaurants and beach bars on site. You book a sports package sailing, surfing, diving with us – or you relax on the beach. You participate in the colorful weekly program of the camp or spend the time in your own way.

The camp offers relaxation and sports of all kinds:

  • You like sailing, SUP, sea kayaking, surfing or diving?
    Courses for (re)beginners and advanced, rental for tours on your own can be found directly in the camp. Just book one of our sports packages.
  • Get a taste of the camp program.
    If you like, start the day early in the morning with gymnastics and yoga at the stand. A new daily offering of art, cooking, excursions, wellness, dance, sports and local studies provides taster sessions and the opportunity to make interesting vacation acquaintances.
  • In the children’s kingdom your children will experience the day.
    A colorful program of games and sports, art, cooking and theater offers international diversity in Croatian, English and often German.
  • In the evening, enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine of Croatia.
    Within walking distance from your house and directly on the beach you will find about a dozen bars and restaurants of various orientations.

If you wish, you can spend one or two days on the outward or return journey in a family sports hotel directly by the sea under the cliffs of the Velebit National Park. The house is simple, sturdy and good. From here you will go on guided tours to the mountains and the sea.

  • Get into a sea kayak and paddle along the beautiful mountain coast around Starigrad Paklenica in the shelter of the island of Pag. If you wish, a day tour will take you to the Zrmanja Canyon.
  • Do you remember Karl May’s Winnetou? Join us for a photo safari or a mountain hike into the karstic cliffs of Velebit, which once provided the backdrop for the world-famous films of the saga of the Apache chief.
  • Get on your mountain bike, cycle the coast and climb up the side valleys into the mountains. We have prepared mountain bike tours of different difficulty levels for you. Experience the impressive mountain scenery or experience the coast with its beaches and harbors. There is something for everyone.
  • Climb the karstic, grippy and wonderfully warm limestone cliffs of the Paklenica Gorge. The Rivera is a true climbing paradise between the sea and the high mountains. We offer introductory courses in rock climbing or rent equipment and climbing guides for tours of all levels on your own.

Read on and book quickly. There are only a few free places.

The prices indicated are each for a 14-night package for a small Tiny – vacation house in the olive grove and direct proximity to the beach without through traffic. Up to 4 ( + 1 pers ) find good place in the house.


by car:

Drive via Salzburg (AT), Villach (AT), Ljubljana (SLO) to Rijeka (HR) and then south along the coast. At Prizna Gardina you can take the ferry to the island of Pag. Tickets can be purchased on site at the kiosk about 100 meters above (!) the ferry pier or also on the Internet at the following link:

You can also find the timetable at

You should refuel in time beforehand. Along the coast, gas stations are rare. On the island of Pag you will find two fuel stations near the ferry.

You can park directly in front of or in the camp. Please avoid unnecessary driving in the camp area!

by plane:

Zadar Airport (VCE) is accessible from Germany with several airlines. On request we can organize a transfer between camp and airport.

Worth mentioning

  • Creative children's program with evening stage performances in theater and dance
  • A camp under olives strictly traffic calm on the slope above the sea
  • Sandy and stone beach directly in the camp just a few minutes walk from the cottages reached
  • A colorful program of yoga, gymnastics, excursions, regional studies with opportunities for sailing, surfing, kayaking, diving
  • Excursions to the Velebit mountains for climbing, mountain hiking, sea kayaking, mountain biking or photo safari

From day to day

Individual arrival to the island of Pag :
Day 1

Individual arrival to the island of Pag

Wherever you come from and however you arrive – take your time!

You travel by car?

Drive one or even two days. Take a break in Carinthia, at the Wörthersee, climb the Krn in Slovenia’s Triglavski National Park, visit Ljubjana or the enchanting lake world of Plitvica Jesera.

You come by plane?

The nearest airport is near Zadar in Croatia. You can find flights from Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne/Bonn, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and other places. If you wish a transfer from the airport to the hotel – please tell us when booking.

You have made it?

Welcome to the largest island of the Croatian coast, welcome to the village of Simuni, welcome to the camp!

Beach & Sport Camp Pag Island :
Day 1 to 13

Beach & sports camp on the island of Pag

From now on, pure relaxation awaits you! Sun, beach and sea in the mild olive grove of the West Coast Camp.

tiny houese dalmatai simuni

You can cater for yourself or enjoy the Croatian hospitality in one of the many beach and camp restaurants of various orientations.

Sport package divingYou enjoy your beach vacation on your own. They participate in the colorful weekly program of the camp. Or you can book with us in advance or spontaneously at the camp

  • a sports package diving
  • a sports package sailing / surfing.

Sports Package Sailing SurfingThe packages each include an introductory or re-entry course and a trial offer of material rental following the course. As an alternative to the course, you can also use the package as a value voucher for a pre-booked equipment rental.

Please specify what you choose when booking.

By sea kayak along the coast :
Idea 1

Excursion: By sea kayak along the coast

Arrive and familiarize yourself with the force of nature around you.

Have you ever been out on a lake kayak?

If YES, then you probably know what joy awaits you. If NO, then do not worry. After a short introduction in German or English to the material, technique, wind, weather, water and region, you will have the whole day to settle in.

sea kayakExplore the cliffs along the Velebit region. Since the island of Pag is offshore from the open sea, you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Alone: take a good sunscreen and lots and lots of water.

Have we aroused your interest? Please let us know when you make your booking. We will try to arrange a day for you. Have fun!

8 hours
By sea kayak in the Zrmanja canyon :
Idea 2

Excursion: By sea kayak in the Zrmanja canyon

Set out to experience the canyon and river Zrmanja in a very special way:

Zrmanja River Kayak TourFloat on the water leisurely down the river, enjoy the tranquility and scenic beauty of the Zrmanja Gorge. Paddle from Obrovac into the Novigrad Sea and after visit the picturesque coastal town of Maslenica.

We organize the boat & luggage transport – and we won’t forget you either.

Sea kayaks (double, sit-on-top) can be lowered from Obrovac to the estuary in a length of about 14 km. Zrmanja flows slower here and takes you easily to the mouth. Explore and experience this amazing nature. Enjoy gliding down the calm river.

The tour is not demanding and also suitable for families with children. The sea kayaks are stable and easy to paddle. You do not need any special previous experience.

The pure paddling time in the canyon is about 4 hours or just under 15 km. The terrain is simple. With a ‘normal’ physical constitution you will do well.

Have we aroused your interest? Please let us know when you make your booking. We will try to arrange a day for you. Have fun!

8 hours
Photo safari to the 'Winnetou' mountains :
Idea 3

Excursion: Photo Safari to the ‘Winnetou’ Mountains

Karl May’s Apache chief was probably never here – and really missed out. Immerse yourself in the grandiose landscape that lent the setting to the Winnetou saga in the famous films of the 60s and 70s.

Photo Safari Paklenica VelebitWe will take you on a tour to the Paklenica National Park of the Velebit Mountains. You will relax a bit and still get in your tours in some beautiful walks that we have incorporated into the safari.

Have we aroused your interest? Please let us know when you make your booking. We will try to arrange a day for you. Have fun!

10 hours
Mountain bike tour between the sea and Velebit :
Idea 4

Excursion: Mountain bike tour between the sea and Velebit

Today it’s your turn again – after a day of photos and relaxation. Set out and cycle along the lovely coastline or climb the steep side valleys on mountain bikes.

Cycling Velebit MountainsCycling is probably the best way to explore untouched nature, remote villages or hidden karst rivers.

We have prepared three cycling tours of different difficulty levels for you. Choose in advance or even spontaneously:

  1. a mountain tour of about 35 km, ~ 2,500 meters of altitude (cumulatively up and again as much down) and about 6 h driving time.
  2. A 3 gorge tour of about 33 km, ~ 900 vertical meters up + about 1,400 down and about 5 h driving time.
  3. a coastal tour of about 3 h, just under 20 km and about 400 cumulative meters of altitude up and down.

8 hours
Climbing or mountain tour Velebit :
Idea 5

Excursion: Climbing or mountain tour Velebit

At the end, it goes up high once again. Choose whether on foot or on the rope.

Paklenica ClimbingPaklenica gorge right near Starigrad is a paradise for climbers. The limestone, which is grippy and usually supple and warm, offers good footing – the proximity to the sea high above the gorge grandiose views.

Our Sport Hotel will be happy to lend you equipment or you can book an introductory or advanced course in rock climbing.

Alternative – Mountain Tour

For the hiking enthusiasts we have prepared alternatively three mountain tours of different length and difficulty:

  1. The classic mountain hike through the canyon Velika Paklenica to the heart on the heights of Paklenica.
    You hike about 15 km or about 5 h and overcome up as well as down each almost 900 meters of altitude.
  2. A day hike as a descent from Velebit to the sea.
    You will hike about 12 km through the high altitude forests of the national park over about 5 h, climbing up almost 500 meters in altitude and descending about 1,300.
  3. The third variant is something very special. As we call them sunrise at the summit.
    Start with us at night and hike into the dawn on the top of Sveto brdo. Before the heat of the day catches you, you will roam down the Mala Paklenica gorge.
    For this tour we calculate about 9 h walking time over almost 20 km with almost 2,000 meters of cumulative ascent and about 2,700 meters descent.


Hinking Velebit in the morning

10 hours
Individual departure :
Day 14



  • in the sports hotel: double room, breakfast, packed lunch, sports program
  • at the camp: Tiny-House for self-catering, sport packages as booked
  • Final cleaning
  • Transfer as booked

not included

  • Arrival & Home
  • Excursions and sporting activities, if not booked separately
  • Registration fee of 1,50 € per person, one time for the whole trip, to be paid on spot
  • Tourist tax of 1,33 € per person and day or 0,67 € per child (12- 17 y.), to be paid on the spot
  • Final cleaning fee, 70 € one-time and to be paid directly on site
  • On request: baby package for 20 € / week for the cottages
  • Everything that is not explicitly mentioned as included


Is the trip suitable for families?

Yes! It is true that the sports offers in the hotel and the packages in the camp are sometimes quite demanding. However, everything can be arranged on a family level. The camp also offers childcare by the day. There are several nice playgrounds and lots and lots of beach.

What do the Tiny Houses at the camp offer?

The houses are simple, small and good. They are all relatively shaded in an olive grove on the hillside, so you have a nice view from many of the houses. The houses are close together, but not too close to each other. You will get to know your neighbors; however, you will not be on each other’s feet.

The houses have 2 small bedrooms for two persons each. One of the rooms offers an extra bed. The houses have a toilet and a small shower. In the center you will find a lounge with kitchenette.

Each house has a parking space. Additional parking is available in front of the camp entrance. Each house has a beautiful terrace.

The whole large camp area is strictly traffic-calmed. However, you are allowed to drive to your house by car.

Please note that on the island drinking water is a very scarce commodity!

What do I pack for the Tiny Houses?

The houses are quite well furnished. You can also buy almost everything in the camp on site. You should bring with you

– Dishwashing liquid, wipe, dry/towel cloths
– Coffee filters and ground coffee, tea bags
– Candles, lighter
– If necessary, an extension cord with multiple plugs
– Backpack / tote bags for day shopping. You will find everything you need day to day in general on site in the camp supermarket


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