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4 Days

Your trip

Three countries – one path: 40 years of the Lake Constance Cycle Path!

Since 1983 it connects Germany, Switzerland and Austria with cycling friends from all over the world. Unbroken, it enjoys great popularity as one of the most popular cycling routes in the world. Congratulations Lake Constance!

With the old council and university city at its heart, this bike tour takes you around Lake Überlingen, the islands of Reichenau and Mainau, and onto Lake Obersee in two days. Enjoy Constance with its Mediterranean harbor flair. Experience the lake from its shores and waters – in two days bike and boat!

We start our lake cruise in the old council and university town of Constance. Like the wings of a butterfly in spring, we move around this noble pivot of the tour at Rhine kilometer zero.

The tour is short – and crisp. The first day takes you via the lovely island of Reichenau along Lake Überlingen with its world-famous pile-dwelling museum, Salem Castle and the flower island of Mainau. Der zweite Tag bittet Sie über Friedrichshafen und Romanshorn um den See. Both days start relaxed with a boat trip. Both days ask towards the end once again to ship and then end happily in Constance.

Four days and three nights you will spend in this city that boasts not only a district “paradise”. Somewhere here it must have been, once.

Two full days belong to the saddle. You may plan the day of arrival and departure, if at all possible, so that you still find a little time for the lake and its uniquely beautiful city on the outflow of the Rhine. Small tip: The lido Hörnle – at the horn of Constance Staad. Simply fantastic – and completely free of charge!

Please note that we are offering this trip as an individual self-drive tour. We book the accommodation and all ship tickets for you. We have prepared and tried the route for you. You yourself are responsible for your specific bike tour and the observance of all departure times. Therefore, please read the information on this page very thoroughly and follow the tips. You can find all routes on

You can use the well-known hiking and outdoor app komoot to navigate along the route. All routes can be found in the komoot-collection, see below.


We book a modern and comfortably furnished room for you: you arrive, are allowed to relax and prepare for your first day of touring in peace and quiet.

In addition to the usual comforts, each room offers you a kettle with different types of tea and coffee. Wi-Fi is available free of charge. All rooms also have their own spacious bathroom with shampoo, shower gel, hairdryer, air conditioning, telephone and TV. Bed linen and towels are of course provided.

You will spend the night in a modern hotel of ***-star class. It is located about 3.5 km walking distance from the pedestrian zone of the old town in the Innovation Park of Constance Petershausen opposite the Paradise. The rooms and the house are simple, spacious, modern and comfortable. The near environment of your house is characterized by business, trade and offices.

Lockable and covered bicycle parking is available free of charge in the hotel’s parking garage directly opposite the hotel. The house has a nice bar, a cozy lounge and a sports area.

Your hotel will provide you with a rich breakfast buffet every day.

Are you looking for a little idyll on the lake?

No problem. In 3 minutes you can walk to the Seerhein. The waterfront offers you nice cafes, restaurant and beer garden. We may recommend Die Bleiche or the dining room at the old water tower directly on the banks of the Rhine.

The route

> You will ride two full day stages of about 60 km each.

> They mainly follow the Lake Constance cycle path away from car traffic.

The trip is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility. Please contact us for detailed information if needed.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir auf dieser Reise keinen Pannen- und Nothilfeservice auf der Strecke zur Verfügung stellen. In case of a breakdown, please try to get back to Konstanz with your bike by public transport or cab. Along almost the entire Lake Constance Cycle Path, there are emergency aid posts and bicycle self-repair tool posts at quite a few locations.

You will also find bike stores along the way again and again. Almost the entire way you can shorten by public transport (train, bus, boat).

Maps and navigation

You can find the entire tour as a collection at komoot . If you want to use the maps for navigation, please install – if not already done – the komoot app on your mobile device a few days BEFORE your trip. To do so, please register at Then download the tours from this collection to your device. Please contact us with any questions in advance of your trip.

You can find the Komoot app at the following link:

You need the Komoot app and the tour descriptions from this collection if you want to ride according to navigation prompts. Of course, you can also follow “free nose” the excellent Beschliderung of the Bodenseeradweg. However, please note to always be on time at the boat docks. Especially on the first day, you should allow some time before the tour starts to exchange your vouchers / value coupons for the ships for tickets.

Note: You can also swap the two day tours. Please note that the boat to the island of Reichenau in the off-season runs only from Thu – Sun. In the high season from 24.06. until 10.09. it drives daily.

Boat tours

Your trip includes four ship connections:

> On day 1, you will 1) take a passenger boat from the port of Constance to Reichenau Island in the morning. In the afternoon you go 2) with the passenger ship of the BSB from Überlingen one station over the Überlinger lake to Konstanz Dingelsdorf. Please note that the boat to the island of Reichenau in the low season departs only on Thu, Fri, Sat or Sun. In the high season from 24.06. until 10.09. it drives daily.

> On day 2 you will travel 3) in the morning by car ferry from Constance – State to Meersburg and 4) in the afternoon by ferry Friedrichshafen – Romanshorn to Switzerland.

For these four trips you will receive a value voucher (voucher) from us after your booking. Please exchange this voucher – if at all possible – for the actual tickets at one of the BSB Bodenseeschiffahrt ticket offices BEFORE you start your journey. Should you not be able to do this in time, you can still exchange the vouchers on board. However, the shipping companies ask that this be used only in exceptional cases. Exception: The Swiss ships, e.g. on the route Constance – Reichenau. Here, unfortunately, an exchange on board is not possible.

You can find directions by bike from your hotel to the port of Konstanz in the Komoot Collection

On the first day, please be at the ticket office in time before the departure of your ship. This is not a problem on day 1, as you can take any of the car ferries that run every 20 minutes. Please note, from the ticket office of BSB Bodenseeschifffahrt with your ticket and bike to continue from the port to the ferry terminal in Constance state. From there take the ferry to Meersburg. The route is described in the Komoot Collection

Rental bicycles

Robust touring bikes: 7 speeds with hub gears and coaster brake or 21 speeds with derailleur gears and freewheel, comfort saddle, 28 inch with different frame heights.

Tandem: a special experience for two: 50 km for each 🙂

Electric bikes: On this trip we used the popular and highly innovative i:SY – bikes for the first time. The N3.8 ZR can be switched with its rhyme drive and the Enviolo 3.8 hub continuously (!) And super smooth.

battery and its powerful Bosch Performance Line motor with 65 Nm support you – depending on the driving style – over 100 – 150 km.

The “Speedlifter Twist” on the saddle and handlebars allows almost any size adjustment of the bike in a few simple and safe moves. The frame in its new, award-winning unisex design makes the i:SY unmistakable: It “grows” in length and height and ensures optimal power development with an upright riding position.

The pictured carrier at the front is equipped with a small basket in which you can comfortably carry your navigation device and light day luggage.

Your rental bikes are available in the bike room in the hotel’s own parking garage opposite the main entrance. Please ask for the key at the reception. Please lock bikes in the bike room again specifically.

Please note: The rental bikes on this tour are not insured. You rent the bikes at your own risk and liability. If you book the tour with rental bikes, we will check the availability and send you a rental contract. With this contract please confirm that you book the bikes at your own risk.

Own bikes

It is possible to bring your own bikes, but at your own risk. The hotel offers free lockable and covered bicycle parking. You will find the bike room in the hotel’s own parking garage directly opposite the main entrance. Please ask for the key at the reception. Please lock bikes in the bike room again specifically.

For possible damages etc. on the own bike during the whole bike trip as well as during transport trips can not be liable.

For your own safety, we recommend that you always wear a bicycle helmet on all bicycle tours.


Constance is very well accessible by train.

We therefore recommend that you start your vacation at home. Relax during the train ride against the magnificent backdrop of the lake and mountains. Rent the bikes and ride the train without stress. Info at

For the duration of your stay, your Bodenseekarte is valid as a free local transport ticket for the entire public transport system in the city area!

Car / Parking

If you travel by car, you can park your car in the hotel’s own parking garage directly opposite. You pay from € 12,- per car and day. Reservation in advance is neither possible nor required. Experience has shown that there are always sufficient free parking spaces. Please pay directly at the hotel reception on site.

In the same parking garage you can also use your bicycle parking spaces free of charge.


We offer the tour from Easter to October. Please note:

> Due to shipping schedules and opening hours, you can only start the tour Wed, Thu, Fri or Sat between 07/04/2013 and 01/07/2013 and after 11/09/2023.

> In the period from 01.07. until 01.10. a daily start is possible, with rental bikes except Sundays and holidays.

TWIN tour twin

Please note: This tour has a ‘big sister’. Voyage 311 is like it to a T. With one difference: it offers you somewhat challenging daily routes. A variant for the ambitious, so to speak. The beauty of it is: you can combine both tours as you like. One participant of your group or family can ride the easy version, another can dare to ride the challenging one. And the beauty of it: you can choose and change every day. Real TWIN just!


Please note our information on entering Germany, Austria and Switzerland under our country information. Please also see our notes on package tours.

Tops of the tour

  • Three countries and one bike path
  • The Konzilsstadt Constance with its Mediterranean harbor flair
  • Boat trips to Radolfzell and to Friedrichshafen
  • The largest waterfall in Europe in Schaffhausen
  • The old town of the Bodenseeperle Stein am Rhein

Day by day

Individual arrival in Constance (D) :
Day 1

Individual arrival in Constance (D)

Constance is worth the trip for the train ride alone. If you are coming from the northwest – then take the Black Forest Railway. If the Black Forest is already a dream with all its viaducts and tunnels, the first sight of Lake Constance after Singen near Radolfzell makes every railwayman’s heart beat faster.

Hot tip: Whenever possible – travel by train – to one of the most beautiful train stations in Germany right at Rhine kilometer zero between the old town and the harbor.

You can reach your hotel from the train station by bus, cab or even on foot (about 3 km). From the main station, take bus line 6 in the direction of Reichenau Island and get off at the Line Eid Street stop.

Your room will be at your disposal from about 15:00. If you have booked rental bikes, you will find them in the bike room of the hotel’s own parking garage directly opposite the main entrance. Please ask for the key at the reception. Enjoy a relaxing evening at the old town harbor of Constance.

Bicycle and boat tour Reichenau - Überlingen - Mainau :
Day 2

Bike and boat tour Reichenau – Überlingen – Mainau, approx. 60 km ~ 600 vertical meters ↑↓

We start the day on the boat with a trip from Constance to Reichenau Island.

Bitte seien Sie morgens unbedingt rechtzeitig mit Ihrem Fahrrad am Schiffsanleger am Hafen in Konstanz.
Sie fahren mit dem Schiff Linie 2, Kurs 528 der Schweizer Gesellschaft Untersee und Rhein im Auftrag der BSB-Bodenseeflotte in Richtung Schaffhausen. Your ship docks at 09:12 (or at 11:12, course 536). from.

Mostly the ship sails from pier 8. However, changes may occur. Please pay attention to the announcements and timetable displays at the port!

Please note that bicycles are taken on the ships only subject to availability. So please be at the port early. Please also note that you will exchange your voucher for a BSB Bodensee-Schifffahrt ticket before departure. In principle, it is also still possible to exchange the vouchers for a ticket on board your ship.

You will find the BSB ticket office directly at the port of Constance next to the Konzilsgebäude at the underpass into the city, Hafenstraße 6, 78462 Constance.

You go down the Rhine to the Untersee and please get off at the island Reichenau. You will reach Reichenau after a good hour at 10:06 (12:06).

Your bike tour starts here.

The island boasts not only its hospitality and fruit growing. With its three Romanesque churches and the Benedictine monastery, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Their route takes them past St. George’s, one of the oldest preserved churches north of the Alps anywhere, dating back to 888. Cycle over the dike through the Wollmatinger Ried nature reserve in Constance. Once on the mainland, please first cross the traffic circle over the main road. Behind the railroad line, follow the Bodensee-Radweg to the left towards the west in the direction of Radolfzell.

In Radolfzell we recommend a break on the shore near the train station. Strengthened, you then get back on your bike, cross the old town and please ride in the direction of Bodman, Ludwigshafen, Überlingen first away from the lake into the hilly landscape of the Constance headland. The way out of the city is not easy to find. Feel free to use the navigator of the komoot app here.

Leaving a relatively steep climb behind you, you then cycle through the orchards and apple orchards towards the Überlingen arm of Lake Constance in the direction of Überlingen.

From Bodman and Ludwigshafen you cycle again directly along the lake to Überlingen.

If you like and have time, cycle a little further to the famous stone and Bronze Age pile dwellings at Unteruhldingen.

In Überlingen, please take a BSB boat across the lake to Dingelsdorf. In the low season from early April to mid-May and in October, the ship departs at 11:10 am, 1:10 pm, 2:55 pm and 4:55 pm. In the high season from mid-May to September, the ship departs from Überlingen at 10:10 am, 12:10 pm, 1:10 pm, 2:10 pm, 4:10 pm, 6:10 pm and 8:00 pm. You can find the timetable at the following link:

Back from Dingelsdorf to Konstanz you follow the Bodenseeradweg along the lake past the flower island Mainau via Staad and the lido Horn back to Konstanz.

Done. Congratulations!

Cycle and boat round trip Meersburg - Friedrichshafen - Romanshorn :
Day 3

Cycle and boat round trip Meersburg – Friedrichshafen – Romanshorn, approx. 65 km ~ 200 vertical meters ↑↓

In the morning of the second day please cycle to the ferry terminal Konstanz Staad in the direction of Meersburg. You can follow the Bodensee cycle path along the shore or ride through Staad over the mountain.

The ferries to Meersburg run continuously. Nevertheless, please note the current timetable.

Even if the day is still fresh – the old town, the fortress, Meersburg Castle and the view of the lake, the Alps and Constance are worth a visit.

From Meersburg, please follow the Lake Constance Cycle Path in the direction of Lindau -> Bregenz via Immenstaad to Friedrichhafen. There please take the ferry to Romanshorn (CH).

It leaves every hour at hh:20. The last departure is at 20:20. Please note the current timetable.

In Romanshorn (CH) you will reach the Swiss shore. Cycle back via Kreuzlingen (CH) to Konstanz.

Done. Congratulations!

Departure or extension in Constance :
Day 4

Day 4: Departure or extension in Constance

If you don’t have to go home yet – take your time and stay a little longer at the lake. Whether by bike or on foot. The lake invites you to swim, to dream, to stroll or even to hike.

How about a day on the flower island Mainau, for example? You can reach it in a good 20 minutes by bike from your hotel.

A tip especially for families is also the Bregenz ‘house mountain’ Pfänder with bird park, animal park, many playgrounds and mountain experiences. The BSB Bodenseeschifffahrt offers a combined ticket ship-mountain railroad.

The Allensbach Wildlife and Leisure Park or the Affenfelsen and the famous boarding school castle Kloster Salem are also worth a day trip.

Are you drawn back home? Then you will say goodbye to Lake Constance again soon and start your individual journey home.

Please return your room by 12:00.



included in the travel package:

  • 3 x overnight stay and breakfast in a *** category hotel in Constance, approx. 3.5 km from the pedestrian zone of the Old Town
  • 1 x welcome greeting and welcome drink
  • 1 x boat tour on the Seerhein to the island Reichenau
  • 1 x ferry trip Überlingen -> Wallhausen
  • 1 x ferry trip Constance Staad -> Meersburg
  • 1 x boat tour Friedrichshafen -> Romanshorn
  • 1x guest card per person incl. free public transport in Constance
  • Wi-Fi and fitness center in the hotel
  • Rental bikes as booked

not included:

  • Arrival and departure, parking lot
  • Entrance fees, if any, and everything that is not explicitly listed under "included in the price".

Dates and prices

Dates and prices 2024

Arrival in …
Season 1 05.04. – 28.06. and 09.09. – 12.10. : Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat.
Season 2 29.06. – 08.09. Arrival daily
The day of arrival determines the season.
All prices per person. The prices in the booking form or shopping cart apply.
Travel package Season 1 Season 2
Double room with breakfast 380 400 €
Single room with breakfast 560 600 €
Extra nights in Constance
Double room with breakfast 100 €
Single room with breakfast 150 €
Additional offers
Rental bike tours 60 €
Rental bike tandem 80 €
Rental bike e-bike 100 €
Children trailer 50 €
Child seat 30 €
Can I stay an extra night?

Yes, of course. We are happy to offer you additional nights in your home in Constance. Enjoy your time at the lake. She is beautiful! Please simply select “Extra night” when booking.

Is there parking at the hotel?

The hotel offers you covered parking spaces in the hotel’s own parking garage directly opposite the main entrance. They cost from about 12 € / day and car. It is neither necessary nor possible to reserve the parking space in advance. In most cases, public parking spaces are available free of charge in the vicinity of the hotel.
To enter and leave the hotel, you can park directly at the hotel for up to half an hour. Please pull a ticket at the entrance barrier. If you slightly exceed the half hour, the barrier wants a euro when you exit. Press the SOS button to reach the hotel reception. The friendly colleagues there are mostly happy to help.

How do I get my shipping tickets?

You will receive value vouchers for the booked ship tours after your booking. Please exchange these vouchers for tickets at the BSB-Bodenseeschifffahrt ticket offices. You will find the ticket offices at each port that you visit on your trip as a transfer point bike – ship. In Constance, you will find the ticket office in the harbor building right next to the Konzilsgebäude at Landungssteg 3. You will find a sketch in the trip description.
Please be at the ticket office in time before the departure of the ship! The ticket office at the Port of Constance opens at 08:30 in the morning. If time is too tight, you can still exchange the vouchers for tickets on board your ship. Exception: The Swiss ships, e.g. on the route Constance – Reichenau. Here, unfortunately, an exchange on board is not possible.

What do I do if I miss a ship?

Well. Something different. In principle, you can also take a ship later. However, it will be late in the evening by the time you get back. You can still start the tour and – on your own – take routes by train or by boat back to Constance. Alternatively, set off by bike from Constance to Reichenau Island, the flower island of Mainau. Take the ferry from Constance Staad to Meersburg and circumnavigate Lake Überlingen – or be brave and drive from Meersburg via Friedrichshafen, Lindau, Bregenz, Romanshorn and Kreuzlingen the very big round. We have also done that before …

What do I do if my ship connection does not take bicycles?

It may happen in rare exceptional cases that circumstances do not allow the transport of bicycles. This is the case, for example, during extremely low water when the jetties become too steep. It may also happen that all the bicycle places on the ship are already taken. In this case, please take the next boat or change to public transport.

Where can I find the rental bikes?

If you have booked rental bikes with us in advance, the bikes will be available to you on the first day of your tour in the locked bike room in the hotel’s own parking garage opposite the reception. You can get the key to the bike room and the keys for the bikes at the reception. Please note that you rent bikes at your own risk. If a bike is stolen or seriously damaged, you are directly liable to the rental company. For this purpose, please conclude a rental contract for your bike before the start of your trip.

What happens if I break down or have an accident while driving?

Please note that we cannot provide on-site service on the road on this tour. In case of a breakdown, please try to get back to Konstanz by yourself. Along the entire cycle path there are several emergency stations, repair kits and also bicycle repair shops. Almost the entire bike path can also be shortened by public transport (train, bus, boat).

What do I do in bad weather?

Well, then: Actually, you are traveling in the warmest region of Germany with the most hours of sunshine – and for the most part, the weather is better than it first appears from your hotel room in the morning. But when it’s actually freezing and frosty and windy and pouring down? Have a nice day in the destinations of your ship tours, buy a train ticket and go back to Constance a little frustrated but warm and dry. The entire lake is well connected by train, bus and boat. A special tip for particularly gloomy days are the Bodenseetherme in Konstanz. At Hörnle in the district of Staad, within walking distance from the old town along the lake path in the direction of the Meersburg car ferry, you can enjoy the gray, wet and cold lake like in hardly any other place. Stop by

Where can I charge my battery when I am on the road with the e-bike?

To be honest – we don’t really have a good answer to that. In your hotel, it is prohibited to charge the batteries unattended in the hotel room for fire safety reasons. In exceptional cases, you can ask the reception to charge your battery. Ask along the way at restaurants you visit. Many houses are set up for this.


Please note: You can vary the tour suggestions as you wish. Just follow the excellent signage of the Lake Constance Cycle Path. If you want to follow our tour suggestions, please install the KOMOOT app on your mobile device BEFORE you start your tour. Save this komoot - collection to your device and follow the maps or use the navigation function of komoot. If you like - download the komoot app on your phone, search for this trip and let the app be your navigator and inspirer. Please see the following link for ferry schedules:äne

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