Hiking vacation Germany: From Lake Titisee to Lake Constance

8 Days

Your trip

I can promise you one thing: You will not forget this trip! In addition to the Jakobsweg, the crossing of the Alps or the great Rheinsteig, this tour hits right at the heart of every hiking enthusiast.

On six stages in eight days, this hike takes you from the breathtaking alpine panorama of the Hochfirst above Lake Titisee through the wildly romantic Wutach Gorge to the lovely Lake Constance. Hardly any place is more beautiful to arrive than this one. Hardly a look points further to go off than this one. Let’s get going!


You will stay overnight in Schwatzwald-typical, familiar middle-class hotels of the ***-star category and in inns directly along the route.


Every day a rich hiking breakfast is included.

The route and requirements

  • You will hike mostly on forest and lonely trails, always accompanied by magnificent views.
    The area is well secured. We follow predominantly – but not exclusively – the transverse trail Freiburg – Lake Constance . This long-distance hiking trail in particular is excellently signposted.
  • Some of the trails lead over steep, impassable paths. Typical hiking surefootedness is therefore important.
  • The ascents and descents in the Black Forest are easily manageable with a good basic condition over walking times up to 7 h daily.
  • The trip is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility. Please contact us for detailed information if needed.


The best way to get there is by train. Start your vacation at your home and arrive relaxed in Saig. The Höllentalbahn from Freiburg to Titisee station is a real experience! For more information, tickets and schedules, contact Deutsche Bahn(www.bahn.de).

From Titisee train station take a bus to Saig or a cab directly to the hotel, about 10 km.


Free and unguarded outdoor parking is available near the hotel, no pre-reservation required or possible.

Return journey

From Radolfzell, take the train back to the Black Forest to Titisee station.

Please take the RE 2 (or similar) in the direction of Karlsruhe to Donaueschingen. There you change to the S2 in the direction of Titisee.
For more information, tickets and schedules, visit www.bahn.de.


  • distant view of the Feldberg, the Titisee, the Schluchsee, the Alps
  • The Wutach Gorge, Grand Canyon of the Black Forest
  • All Hegau volcanoes in one tour
  • Arrival in Radolfzell, a swim in Lake Constance after 6 days of hiking
  • The Hohentwiel Fortress

From day to day

Arrival to the Titisee :
Day 1

Day 1: Individual arrival at Lake Titisee

Already the arrival is an experience!

Take the train up the Höllental from Freiburg or come from the direction of Donaueschingen. The Dreisam Railway is worth the trip. Please get off at Titisee station – even if it is a little difficult. Perhaps you will have the opportunity later to continue to Schluchsee.

Continue by bus to Saig above the lake on the slope of the Hochfirst or by cab directly to your starting hotel.

Our tip: Travel relaxed one day earlier. We will gladly book an extra night for you in Saig. Please select “Extra night at departure point” when booking.

From Titisee to the Wutach Gorge to Schattenmühle :
Day 2

Day 2: From Titisee into the Wutach gorge to the Schattenmühle, approx. 20 km, 300 m altitude +, 600 m -.

Do you know the Grand Canyon of the Black Forest? The Wutach gorge is an experience. The Wutach river has dug deep into the bedrock and created steep rock faces.

As the river overflows its banks again and again with the melting of the snow in spring and torrential rains in summer, as the water backs up and rages in the narrow valley, the gorge changes its face from year to year. But it is always worth a trip!

You will spend the night in the Schattenmühle or comparable accommodation in Löffingen. The hiking bus takes you from the Schattenmühle to your accommodation.

Shadow mill - Blumberg :
Day 3

Day 3: From Schattenmühle to Blumberg, approx. 20 km, 400 m altitude +, 400 m -.

In the morning, take the hiking bus back from your accommodation in Löffingen to the Schattenmühle. Continue your hike along the beautiful Wutach. There is plenty of opportunity to rest by the river. The Wutach Mill offers you the opportunity to stop for a break or a Black Forest bite to eat at the hiking kiosk before the last third of the trail. Always follow the river. Shortly before your stage destination, the river turns south at Achdorf towards the Rhine Valley.

You climb up to Blumberg past the Schleifenbach waterfalls and reach your destination for the day. After a good 20 km you arrive at the Gänseleiselbrunnen of the Narrenzünfte in Blumberg.

Blumberg - Tengen :
Day 4

Day 4: From Blumberg to Tengen, approx. 16 km, 400 m altitude +, 500 m altitude -.

The trail leads you today first up to the Buchberg with a great wide view of the Black Forest and Hegau. Then you follow the Sauschwänzlebahn with its impressive viaducts for a while. Through forest and valley you hike past the Blauer Stein, a testimony of Hegau volcanism 10 to 16 million years ago, to Tengen.

From Tengen to Engen :
Day 5

Day 5: From Tengen to Engen, approx. 15 km, 250 m altitude +, 350 m altitude -.

Pass the Wannenberg and follow the Alte Postweg to the Duggenhart. From here, with good visibility, you have a wonderful view of the white snow-covered Alps. You will walk comfortably through the harmony of the field and forest landscape to the old flower town of Engen.

From Engen via Hohentwiel to Singen :
Day 6

Day 6: From Engen via Hohentwiel to Singen, approx. 23 km, 730 m altitude +, 830 m -.

Today you will hike through the volcanic country of the Hegau: Hohentwiel, Hohenstoffeln, Hohenkrähen, Mägdeberg, Hohenhewen, Neuhewen and the Höwenegg are strung together.

If you like, you can climb the fortress mountain Hohentwiel at the end of the tour. You will be rewarded with a magnificent panorama of the lake and the Alps – and learn a lot about German – German – French history, volcanism and fortress construction.

Day 08 :
Day 7

Day 7: From Singen to Lake Constance to Radolfzell, approx. 25 km, 400 m altitude +, 430 m -.

Finally, the cross-country trail leads you past the Friedinger Schlössle through Steißlingen to the Homberg ruins. From here you have a magnificent view over the Untersee with the island of Reichenau. Soon after, you leave the cross-country trail and hike past the Mindelsee nature reserve to Lake Constance.

We congratulated!

Departure or extension :
Day 8

Day 8: Departure or extension

Do you have a little more time? Treat yourself to a few days of relaxation at Lake Constance.

We will be happy to book you an extra night in Radolfzell. To do so, please select “Extra night” in the online form.


Your travel package includes:

  • 7 x overnight stays in beautiful Black Forest inns and hotels of the ***-category with rich breakfast buffet
  • Luggage transfer
  • detailed route guidance and travel documents, 1x per room in German or English
  • Navigation app & GPS track
  • Service hotline

it does not contain:

  • Tourist tax, if due, payable on site

Dates and prices

Travel start 2024: possible daily in …
Season 1 06.04 – 26.04 and 28.09 – 13.10
Season 2 30.03 – 05.04 and 27.04 – 27.09
The day of arrival determines the season.
All prices per person. The prices in the booking form or shopping cart apply.
Travel package Season 1 Season 2
Double room with breakfast / pers 1.120 € 1.180 €
Single room w. breakfast 960 € 1.030 €
Extra nights
Saig (starting point): Double room with breakfast 100 € 100 €
Saig (starting point): Single room with breakfast 120 € 120 €
Radolfzell (destination): Double room with breakfast 100 € 100 €
Radolfzell (destination): Single room with breakfast 120 € 120 €


Can I book extra nights?

Yes, of course. On this great tour we recommend an extra night at the beginning in Saig in the Upper Black Forest and at the end in Radolfzell on Lake Constance.
Travel relaxed one day earlier. We will gladly book an extra night for you in Saig. Please select “Extra night at departure point” when booking.
Stay one day longer at the lovely Lake Constance. We will gladly book an extra night for you in Radolfzell . Please select “Extra night” when booking.

What is the best way to prepare?

Your luggage will be transported for you. So you are carefree on the road. Nevertheless, you should be fit for walking times of up to 6 – 8 h per day – with breaks. Surefootedness is also required. We estimate the tour as technically easy, but conditionally you will feel the kilometers in the ‘happiness of the legs’. We have put together a few tips for you. Take a look at our website under “Did you know …”.


Please note: The given route is only a suggestion. Follow the paths as you please. Please refer to your individual hotel list for accommodation locations! If you like - download the komoot app on your phone, search for this trip and let the app be your navigator and inspirer.

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