4 days 4 you in Heidelberg – love and hike

4 Days

Your trip

Hand on heart – when was the last time you kissed in Heidelberg?

This short trip to the old heart of the Electoral Palatinate invites you to two beautiful walks in the heights and forests of Heidelberg and the Romantic Four. At the same time, the trip gives you enough time to enjoy the castle, the Neckar River and the joie de vivre of this lively capital of romantic hearts.

We propose two adventure trails
> along the lovely wine route at the edge of the Odenwald with its castles and picturesque half-timbered towns and
> about the king stage of the Neckarsteig in the Romantic Four.

With all ideas – you decide!

Accommodation and catering

You will stay in a beautiful, regiotypical hotel on ***star to ****star level. A rich breakfast is included in the price. The streetcar line 5 connects your hotel directly with the old town as well as the main station of Heidelberg and Mannheim in a few minutes drive and mostly every half hour.

Arrival and transfers

We recommend that you arrive by train. Get in on the vacation at home. Arrive here relaxed. Dream a little during the return trip. Make yourself comfortable and book one of our rental bikes.

Please drive via

  • Heidelberg HbF or via
  • Mannheim HbF by long-distance or regional train.

There please get on the streetcar line 5

  • Direction Weinheim / Mannheim (coming from Heidelberg) or
  • Direction Weinheim / Heidelberg (coming from Mannheim)

um. Please take line 5 to Schriesheim train station.

You have a Germany – Ticket?

Great! Please bring it with you – we will refund 10 Euro!

You don’t have a Germany – Ticket and you don’t want one?

Also good. We will gladly provide you with tickets for bus and train. Please be sure to book the option“Transfer Person” in addition!

Maps and navigation

You can find the entire tour as a collection at komoot . If you want to use the maps for navigation, please install – if not already done – the komoot app on your mobile device a few days BEFORE your trip. To do so, please register at komoot.de. Then download the tours from this collection to your device. Please contact us with any questions in advance of your trip.

You can find the Komoot app at the following link: https://support.komoot.com/hc/de/articles/4402496387098-Komoot-App-herunterladen.

You need the Komoot app and the tour descriptions from this collection if you want to ride according to navigation prompts. Of course you can also follow the clouds “free nose”.

Your route is described in the Komoot Collection https://www.komoot.de/collection/2219772.

Oh by the way

The trip is also available as a walking or cycling tour. Why don’t you take a look?

  • The 226a invites you to a hiking week on the Rhine, Neckar, Odenwald.
  • The 225a takes you by bike to Heidelberg, Speyer, Worms, Neckar and the Odenwald.


Please note our information on entering Germany, Austria and Switzerland under our country information. Please also see our notes on package tours.

You can also find more ideas about events and tips in the region on our toptours page.


  • Heidelberg, its warmth, its castle
  • The wine country of the Bergstrasse with its castles and half-timbered towns
  • The Odenwald with its Nibelungen saga, its simple beauty and vastness
  • The Neckar with its cycle path, the Romantic Four with their old towns and castles

From day to day

Individual arrival :
Day 1

Individual journey to Schriesheim

Are you traveling by train?

Please travel by train via

  • Heidelberg HbF or via
  • Mannheim HbF.

Please change to streetcar line 5 in the direction of

  • Weinheim / Mannheim (coming from Heidelberg) resp.
  • Weinheim / Heidelberg (coming from Mannheim).

Take line 5 to the Schriesheim Bahnhof stop.

Are you traveling by car?

Please drive directly to the starting hotel. Public parking is available within walking distance of the hotel.

Strahlenburg - Heidelberg :
Day 2

Day hike Schriesheim – Heidelberg, approx. 15 km, 600 m ↑↓, ~ 7 h

Make your way to Heidelberg. You start comfortably directly from your hotel. Via paths steeped in history and grandiose views, it leads you along the famous Heidelberg Philosophers’ Path and down the narrow Snake Path into the old town of the Kurzpfalz region.

First we climb up through the town to the Strahlenburg and then steeply uphill to the edge of the Schriesheim quarry with its climbing paradise on the Ölberg. From here you have a wide view over the Rhine Valley, Mannheim to the Palatinate Forest.

We follow the old border path with beautiful views into the Odenwald and partly deeply cut hollow ways up to the lookout tower and high altitude inn on the Weißen Stein. Continue to follow the well-known white – red – white Odenwald – Vosges – path in the direction of Heidelberg.

Just before descending to the Philosophenweg, the trail has three more surprises in store for you.

The impressive ruins of the Michaelskloster monastery above Heidelberg on the hilltop of the Heiligenberg with its magnificent distant view of the Rhine plain.

A little further down, you will come across a huge forest stage with a view over the Rhine towards France – one of the so-called ‘Thingstätten’, which the NSDAP had erected throughout the Reich after seizing power. It once provided space for 20,000 spectators for völkisch indoctrination and propaganda of the Aryan master race. Today it lies peacefully there in the woods, offering space and sun to visitors and lizards.

All this is surrounded by a ring wall, probably the oldest structure in the Heidelberg area. The Celts built a castle and settlement up here in the Bronze Age around 400 years before the birth of Christ.

Following the path further, you will pass the Heidenlochloch and the ruins of the former St. Stephen’s Monastery.

Via the Bismarck Tower and the world-famous Philosopher’s Path, you descend the Snake Path to Heidelberg’s Old Bridge and into the Old Town.

Please walk the entire Neckar riverbank or the inner city pedestrian zone, the Heidelberg Hauptstraße all the way through to the end to Bismarckplatz. There, please get back on the streetcar line 5 in the direction of Weinheim and get off at 12 stops until Schriesheim Bahnhof.

Done! We count: 3 castles, a castle, two monastery ruins, a devil’s hole and a fortress rampart

Neckargemünd - Heidelberg :
Day 3

Day hike: Heidelberg – Heidelberg Castle – Königsstuhl – Neckargemünd, approx. 17 km, 600 m ↑↓, ~ 7 h

From Schriesheim you drive – just like yesterday only in the opposite direction – again to Heidelberg to the Bismarkplatz. If you like, walk along the main street towards Heilig Geist or walk east along the Neckar promenade towards the Alte Brücke. Our route tip on komoot.de takes you up the Königsstuhl in a zigzag.

From the old town we first climb up the castle path to the once world-famous terraced garden of the castle. Even if the day is still fresh – we should take a little time for the park, the castle and its impressive fortress ruins.

After leaving the electoral splendor on the uphill side, we walk a short distance along the newly laid historical path. he commemorates the siege and storming of Heidelberg by the Bavarians led by General Tilly during the Thirty Years’ War some 400 years ago. We zigzag uphill via the Upper Castle, a former outer castle of the castle, and the Molkenkur.

There are hundreds of paths up the Königsstuhl. The most regal – and exhausting – is undoubtedly the ladder to heaven.

We follow it only the last part and before that we make a hook over the poacher’s cross in the electoral forest.

Welcome to the summit!

We leave the Königsstuhl to the east along the Via Naturae through the electoral city forest. A short detour during the slow descent is still worthwhile to the Heidelberg Felsenmeer. There is hardly a more beautiful distant view of the Neckar and the Heidelberg mountain towns of Ziegelhausen and Schlierbach than from here.

Follow the Neckarsteig further east until you reach the old town of Neckargemünd. If you like, take a detour through the city park to the ruins of Reichenstein Castle above the city. Stroll a little through the small center and go in the evening with the S – train (S1 or S2) from the station Neckargemünd old town 4 stations to Eberbach main station.

You will reach the day’s destination Eberbach.

We count: 5 castles, two chateaus, two monastery ruins, a devil’s hole and a fortress rampart

Individual departure :
Day 4

Farewell day – or extension

Stay – or come back! There is still so much to experience.

If you have to go home in between, we wish you a good trip.
If you – just like us – have fallen in love with the region: We are always looking for good colleagues :-)!




  • 7 x overnight stays in typical, family hotels of outstanding quality and character
  • 7 x breakfast and packed lunch
  • 1 x train ride on day 6, if booked
  • 1 x rental bike, as booked

not included

  • Anything not explicitly listed as included, including in particular:
  • Parking, arrival and departure
  • Lunch & Dinner
  • Admissions

Country information

Entry Germany

EU nationals and Swiss nationals (who do not have any special circumstances, e.g. dual citizenship, primary residence abroad or provisionally issued travel documents) require a valid identity card or passport for entry into Germany, which must still be valid for at least the next three months after the end of the journey. must be valid for 6 months. If you have another citizenship or more than one citizenship, or if you have special legal requirements, please contact us before booking your trip.

Information in connection with COVID 19: Guidance on current regulations for Germany can be found on the Federal Government’s website.


We recommend: Download the komoot app on your phone, search for this "Collection", download the routes on your phone and let the app guide you as navigator and inspirer. Especially in the Rhine Valley, the navigation is very helpful not to get "stuck" in any dead ends and commercial areas.

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