Cycle tour Estonia – Latvia: From Tallinn to Riga in 15 days

15 Days

Your trip

The tour takes you to the west of Estonia and its romantic islands of Hiiumaa, Saaremaa and Muhu. Cycle along the coast of Liivi Bay to the summer resort of Pärnu. Many beautiful roads with hardly any traffic await you, secluded beaches in a varied landscape, friendly people and lots of unspoiled nature. A dream of the north!

The road takes you along the coast, floodplains and riverside forests to Sigulda and the famous Gauija National Park. The train takes you the last stretch to the Latvian capital Riga.

The route leads, as far as possible, on smaller roads. It shows you the best that Estonia and Latvia have to offer – idyllic little villages with stone walls and thatched roofs as well as romantic summer houses in Haapsalu, Kuressaare and Pärnu, windmills in Angla, natural wonders in Kaali, friendly people and, of course, the Baltic Sea with its beaches, which are particularly beautiful in the Baltic States.

The two Baltic countries are very similar in many respects. They share a long common history, traditions and the vastness of nature. But they differ in a thousand colorful details from step to step: each country has its own distinctive cultural traditions and its own historical heritage.

Ferries will take you from one island to another. And finally, you can feel the unique island atmosphere – here the clocks seem to go a little slower, the islanders are never in a hurry.

Estonia offers plenty of space and air to breathe! Even in high summer you will always find enough space for yourself on the long sandy beaches.


You will stay in small country hotels, guest houses or even in old farms that have been converted into tourist farms. Everywhere you will enjoy friendly service and local cuisine. In Tallinn, stay within walking distance of the Old Town in a 3*** or 4**** hotel. All accommodations are very lovingly and individually furnished.

We will be happy to make you an offer for an extra night for each place of accommodation, both in Tallinn and for the entire bike tour.

If you wish, you can also interrupt daily stages with an overnight stay and thus shorten one or the other stage a little. Feel free to contact us!


They mostly ride relatively flat, sometimes slightly hilly terrain. There are no major inclines to overcome. In 7 daily stages you will travel between 40 and about 80 km. Alternatively, we are happy to divide the route into shorter stages.

Please note: The trip is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility. Please contact us for detailed information if needed.

Rental bicycles

> Robust touring bikes (e.g. Merida), 24 gears with derailleur gears and freewheel or 7 gears with hub gears and coaster brake, comfort saddle, various frame heights, 28″ rims, splash guard, pannier rack, bottle cage.

> Electric bikes (e.g. Cube) 7-speed gears with freewheel; range max. 120 km, depending on driving style: e.g. CUBE Touring Hybrid, Shimano 9-speed, motor: Bosch Drive Unit Active Plus GEN3 (50Nm), battery: PowerTube 625

All wheels are equipped with puncture-proof tires, mudguard, lock and repair kit. Please leave a deposit of € 100,- / bike or € 200,- / electric bike by credit card number.

Own bikes

It is possible to bring your own bikes, but at your own risk. For possible damages etc. on the own bike during the whole bike trip as well as during transport trips can not be liable.

For your own safety, we recommend that you always wear a bicycle helmet on all bicycle tours.

Luggage transport

For ecological and logistical reasons, we are unfortunately unable to offer you daily luggage transportation from place to place on this trip. Please take all your luggage for the trip on the bikes. On request, our local partner will provide you with 2 Ortlieb Bike-Roller Classic luggage side bags with a volume of 20 liters per bike. Optionally, you can also book a 10-liter handlebar bag.

Arrival by plane

There are regular flights to Tallinn Airport from Germany. For example, Air Baltic offers connections to and from Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf.

Arrival by car

If you want to arrive by car, you can use the following ferry crossings:

> from Kiel to Kleipeda (Lithuania) with DFDS

> from Lübeck to Helsinki (Finland) and on to Tallinn with Finnlines / Silja Lines.

Return transfer from Riga to Tallinn

From your destination Riga, you can travel back to your starting point Tallinn in comfort on a regular public bus for approx. 30 € / person. Timetables and prices can be found at The journey takes around 5 hours.

Please note: The buses do not take bicycles. If you wish to travel with your own bicycles, we offer a private return transfer from Riga to Tallinn. Availability only on request. We strongly recommend that you buy your bus ticket online in advance, especially in the high season.

Country information

Please note our information on entering Estonia under our country information. Please also see our notes on package tours.

From day to day

Arrival to Tallinn :
Day 1

Individual arrival to Tallinn

The capital of Estonia is known for its very well preserved old town. Take advantage of the day and immerse yourself in this medieval milieu. Then you will quickly understand why many people describe Tallinn as mystical, spellbinding and mesmerizing.

In the relaxed atmosphere of the city, with its rich cultural scene and many galleries, there are also a variety of restaurants and cafes from which to choose.

Tallinn - Padise :
Day 2

Cycle tour from Tallinn to Padise, approx. 65 km

Your tour begins in Tallinn – and today takes you to the freedom and vastness of Estonia’s north coast, across miles of sandy beaches and rugged, bizarre cliffs. On your way you will pass the Türisalu cliffs and see the third largest waterfall in Estonia – Keila-Joa. You spend the night on a vacation farm.

Padise - Haapsalu :
Day 3

Cycle tour from Padise to Haapsalu, approx. 55 km

From there your route will take you through a varied nature of Estonia with forests, meadow landscapes and a few bogs. For such a small country, the diverse nature is unique in Europe.

The highlight today is Haapsalu. A charming seaside resort famous for its spa hotels and fine sandy beaches. The Old Town is also very popular, as well as Haapsalu Castle, where many events and music festivals are held.

Haapsalu - Hiiumaa :
Day 4

Cycling tour from Haapsalu to Hiiumaa Island, approx. 40 km and 1.5 hours ferry ride

Ihre Räder – und eine Fähre – bringen Sie heute auf die zweitgrößten Insel Estlands – Hiiumaa. The island was created by a meteorite explosion. It is one of the oldest in the world. Hiiumaa is known for its lighthouses, unspoiled nature, Kassari and the sense of humor of its inhabitants.

Nach etwa 1,5 Stunden mit der Fähre führt Sie die Route in die Hauptstadt Hiiumaas, Kärdla, die für ihre gemütliche Inselatmosphäre bekannt ist. Accommodation is provided in a small guest house.

Hiiumaa - Saaremaa :
Day 5

Radtour von Hiiumaa auf die Nachbarinsel Saaremaa, ca. 55 km

Von Kärdla aus führt Sie die Route in den Süden von Hiiumaa und zunächst zur Insel Kassari. Auf Ihrem Weg liegt die Wollfabrik Vaemla, wo das Garn mit authentischen Maschinen aus dem letzten Jahrhundert hergestellt wird.

Visit the romantic Kassari Chapel and take a walk to the famous Sääre Tirp peninsula. In the evening, the ferry takes you to Estonia’s largest island – Saaremaa. You spend the night on a tourist farm.

Kuressaare :
Day 6

Cycle tour to the island capital Saaremaa, approx. 50 km

Windmills are the symbol of Saaremaa. On this day, the road takes you to the Angla windmill hill. Visit and enjoy the mills typical of the island of Saaremaa. Watch a miller at work. Try some home-baked bread.

Stop at Kaali meteorite craters, this very rare and spectacular natural wonder in Estonia.

Your stage destination for today – Kuressaare – is a small, charming summer resort, known for its medieval castle.

Kuressaare :
Day 7

Cycle tour around Kuressaare, approx. 50 km

Enjoy a break day in this Baltic Sea jewel Kuressaare and the surrounding area. If you like, you can cycle to the beach or do the Sõrve peninsula circuit. Or simply relax and enjoy the summer atmosphere in Kuressaare.

Kuressaare - Muhu :
Day 8

Cycle tour from Kuressaare to Muhu, approx. 80 km

Your route today takes you to the island of Muhu. Muhu is the place where time stands still – authentic sleepy fishing villages, working windmills, thatched huts. The highlight of the day is the village and open-air museum of Koguva – the best-preserved 19th century village in Estonia. Spend the night on an authentic tourist farm.

Tip: Cycle to the magnificent Pädaste manor house.

Muhu - Varbla :
Day 9

Cycle tour from Muhu to Varbla, approx. 70 km and 30 min ferry ride

From Koguva, the road takes you across the island of Muhu. Stop off in Liiva to visit the beautiful early Gothic Muhu-Katharinen Church. The ferry takes you back to the mainland. Follow the road to the sea to Varbla. You will spend the night in a hotel right by the sea.

Varbla - Pärnu :
Day 10

Bike tour from Varbla to Pärnu, about 70 km

On quiet roads it goes through very small towns to the coast. Enjoy a break at Valgeranna beach and then continue to Estonia’s summer capital Pärnu. Pärrnu is famous for its beach life and was on the list of Russian imperial resorts as early as 1890. Long white beaches, shallow waters and ‘the best sun in Estonia’ have always attracted the tourists and also the Estonians themselves.

Take a walk on the promenade, visit the old town, have a cup of coffee in Ammende Villa and just enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.

Pärnu - Ainazi :
Day 11

Cycle tour from Pärnu to Ainazi, approx. 70 km

Today you leave Estonia and reach the border with Latvia – right by the sea. The road takes you through small villages, marshes, forests, meadows, beaches and along the coast. Climb to the birdwatching tower at the Kabli bird station and enjoy freshly baked bread in the village of Kabli. You spend the night on the Latvian side, in the border town of Ainazi.

Ainazi - Limbazi :
Day 12

Cycle tour from Ainazi to Limbazi, approx. 80 km

A quiet road leads you to the small Latvian village of Limbazi. Visit the medieval castle ruins and the viewing platform at Limbazi. You will be accommodated in a small village near Limbazi.

Limbazi - Sigulda :
Day 13

Cycle tour from Limbazi to Sigulda , approx. 55 km

A little tip at the start of day 13: there is a quaint bakery on the way out of Limabazi. Freshly baked bread with fruit may sweeten your day!

Visit the extensive Birini manor house and its park. The famous Turaida Castle and the Gutmana Cave just before Sigulda are also worth a visit. Take a cable car ride through the Gauja Valley and visit the castle of the Livonian Order. Accommodation is in a hotel in Sigulda.

Sigulda - Riga :
Day 14

Cycle tour or train ride from Sigulda to Riga, approx. 65 km

As the main road is not really suitable for cycling due to the traffic and the alternative routes are very sandy, we do not recommend cycling to Riga. Instead, take a train to the Latvian capital Riga.

Admire Riga’s diverse architecture, especially the Art Nouveau buildings – a collection that is one of the largest in the world. Take a stroll through Riga’s Old Town and enjoy a meal on one of the many terraces. Overnight stay in a hotel.

Farewell to Riga :
Day 15

Individual journey home

Your cycle tour from Estonia to Latvia ends after breakfast. Take a last look at Riga, leave your bikes at the hotel and get home safely.

From your destination Riga you can travel back to your starting point Tallinn in comfort on a regular public bus for approx. 30 € / person. Timetables and prices can be found at The journey takes around 5 hours. Please make sure you reserve your ticket online before you start your journey!


included in the price:

  • 14 nights in country hotels, bed & breakfasts, guest houses or in Tallinn and Riga in a 3*** hotel
  • daily rich bicycle breakfast
  • Detailed route description in German and bike map
  • GPS data for the route on request
  • English-speaking service hotline on site - daily
  • Informational talk about the tour, if needed
  • Bike rental and bike bag rental, if booked

not included:

  • Ferry tickets for crossings as advertised in the program, from approx. € 10,- / person incl. bike, as of 2024
  • Train journey from Sigulda to Riga, from approx. € 15,- / person
  • Return journey from Riga to Tallinn, for example. by bus, from approx. € 30,- / person
  • Entrance fees for museums and other attractions
  • Everything that is not explicitly listed as included

Dates and prices

Arrival days 2024: every Mon, Tue in …
Season 1 01.05. – 15.10.
The day of arrival determines the season.
All prices per person. The prices in the booking form or shopping cart apply.
Travel package Season 1
Double room w. breakfast 1.200 €
Single room w. breakfast 1.800 €
Extra nights
Extra night in Tallinn, 3*** or 4**** hotel in the center, double room with breakfast / pers 120 €
Extra night in Tallinn, 3*** or 4**** hotel in the center, single room with breakfast 160 €
extra night in Riga, double room with breakfast / pers 120 €
Extra night in Riga, single room with breakfast 180 €
Additional services
Note: Please note that you must transport your own luggage for the journey on the bikes.
Rental bicycles
E-bike, incl. Return transportation 380 €
Touring bike 7- or 24-speed, incl. Return transportation 200 €
Panniers for touring bike or e-bike: 2 x 20 l 50 €
Handlebar bag 1 x 10 l 20 €


Please note: Depending on the accommodations we book for you, the overnight stops may differ from those indicated in the route plan. Please refer to your individual hotel list for accommodation locations! Also, in many places you have freedom to shorten the path or make it different. The proposal presented here is therefore more for inspiration and orientation than for compulsive imitation. If you like - download the komoot app on your phone, search for this trip and let the app be your navigator and inspirer.

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