Winter dream Finland for families: 8 days in Hossa National Park

8 Days

Your trip

Experience your family in a whole new way in the white expanse of Finland.

Map Finland

Hossa National Park in northeastern Finland provides the setting and stage for this action-packed multi-adventure week in white. Experience a husky ride, enjoy the silence of a snowshoe hike, admire the scenic beauty on a cross-country ski tour, and learn exciting wilderness skills.

You will stay in comfortable apartments and start your day adventures from here. With a little luck, you will catch beautiful glimpses of the northern lights of this magical country in the silence of the night. For relaxation in the evening invite the fireplace or sauna.

This secluded area is a wonderful place to experience true wilderness.


> Each snow experience day is a day outside of about 6 hours mostly in deep powder snow. They are coming up to speed!

> The terrain varies, but is mostly flat with some short climbs and descents.

> The difficulty level of this tour is flexible and tends to be easy. You should be fit and enjoy the snow.

> Experience in snowshoeing is not required.

Please note: The trip is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility. Please contact us for detailed information if needed.


> You can rent snowshoes and hiking poles.

> Please wear your own well-worn winter hiking boots. You can also rent suitable snowboats if you wish.

> You will receive a list of what things you should bring with your travel documents.


Meeting point of the trip

The meeting point of the trip is Kuusamo airport.
On request we can also arrange the bus station in Kuusamo as a meeting point.

Airport transfer

Transfer from Kuusamo airport to the first accommodation and return transfer from the last accommodation to Kussamo airport is included in the price. Flights are not included in the tour price. Please book your flight yourself e.g. with Finnair.

Please note that there is only one transfer per day. The times are each coordinated with a specific flight. If you miss the departure, any extra private transfer is payable locally.

Please be sure to coordinate the times for the transfer with us before booking your flight. Between the bus transfer and the flight should not be less than 1 h. Please do not miss the transfer bus.


You are accommodated in cozy small multi-person vacation apartments, each with its own sauna. Please note that you can use the apartments very comfortably for two or even more people.


Your trip includes full board with picnic.

Around 8 o’clock we have breakfast.
Breakfast consists of plenty of bread, cheese, ham, porridge, cereal, yogurt, coffee, tea.

We usually broke for lunch between 11 and 12.
Most of the time we have lunch on the way, for example at a fireplace. It consists of hot soup, sandwiches, sausages, coffee & tea with chocolate and cookies.

Around 3 to 4 p.m. we are usually at the destination accommodation. A small snack awaits you.

Dinner is usually a buffet. It includes typical Finnish dishes “homemade style”. Mostly it consists of a main course
with meat / fish, potatoes / rice , fresh salad / warm vegetables and a dessert.

We provide you first of all with genuine Finnish products. They are always our first choice. In winter, all fruit is imported, so there is little fresh fruit and only at base camp.

We are also happy to provide you with vegetarian food. For people with celiac disease we also prepare gluten-free meals. For people with lactose intolerance we also prepare lactose-free meals. Please let us know when booking if you would like to eat vegetarian or even gluten-free. Please take into account that your choice is valid for the entire tour. A change on the way is no longer possible.

Tap water is good to drink in Finland. Huts where tap water is not available are supplied with large jerry cans. You can always fill your own water bottle.

Please provide yourself with snacks for the walking times according to your comfort.

Please note: The organizers reserve the right to change the activities or change the content of the program for organizational reasons, weather or snow conditions.

Country information

Please see our entry information for Finland on our Country Information page.

We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance. you can find a quote on our travel insurance page.

What you can look forward to

  • Peace, space, light and air
  • A hike across the frozen lakes in Hossa National Park
  • A group experience in the winter wilderness that you will not forget

From day to day

Arrival :
Day1: Sunday

Individual arrival to Kuusamo – transfer to first accommodation

Arrival at Kuusamo airport. You will meet your tour guides. With the whole group you will go by minibus to Hossa. Just outside the national park, comfortable apartments await your arrival. After dinner, there will be an English-language introduction to the program.

Other accommodation
Snowshoe :
Day 2: Monday

Snowshoe hike

Snowshoeing is a great way to explore the winter wonderland. Immerse yourself in the purity of the Finnish wilderness.

After a short introduction we start directly from the accommodation. The hike takes us through snow-covered terrain into the forests and onto frozen lakes.

Halfway you can rest and enjoy a picnic lunch by the open fire. The evenings invite you to relax in the steaming hot sauna of your own apartment.

6 hours
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Other accommodation
Cross country skiing and igloo building :
Day 3: Tuesday

Cross country skiing and igloo building

Today we will try cross-country skiing – a traditional Finnish sport and means of transportation for centuries. It’s not as easy as snowshoeing. But once you get the hang of it, it’s fun.

We teach and you have plenty of opportunity to practice. Afterwards, you will make your way through the flat pine forest and across the lakes.

In the afternoon we start building an igloo. With shovels and spades, we first gather a large pile of snow. Once the snow has hardened sufficiently, we then hollow out the mountain.

6 hours
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Other accommodation
Husky sled :
Day 4: Wednesday

Ski tour and igloo building

After breakfast we will drive by bus to a husky farm.

We get acquainted with the dogs and then sweep through the silent wilderness in our sled. Our four-legged friends were born to run and are more than ready to take us on an unforgettable ride. Take turns steering the sled or enjoy whizzing through the countryside in complete comfort under warm blankets.

After the safari we will have lunch. The bus will take us back to the cabins. In the afternoon we finish building the igloos. Those who like can spend some time in the silence of his “icy house”.

6 hours
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Other accommodation

Snowshoe tour

Another day on snowshoes. Hossa National Park is famous for its beautiful mountain ridges.0 Today we will go exploring. The ridge offers us some steep but short ascents and descents.

A lot of wildlife lives in the surrounding forests: Moose, wolves, lynx and rabbits are unfortunately rarely seen. However, we may find tracks in the snow.

7 hours
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Other accommodation
Reindeer and the wilderness :
Day 6: Friday

Nature study, reindeer, wilderness experience

In the morning we set out as nature’s apprentices and learn, for example, how to make a fire. After lunch we will drive
to the reindeer farm a few kilometers from the property. We learn about the life of reindeer and their adaptation to the Arctic climate. In the afternoon we continue the wilderness knowledge and try ourselves for example in ice fishing.

4 hours
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Other accommodation
A day as free as the night :
Day 7: Saturday

Your day

The last day is free for you. Now that you have an idea of the different activities, you can choose: Skiing, snowshoeing or ice fishing, igloo towns. You could
Rent ski boots (“Altai ski”) or fatbikes, mountain bikes with wide tires for a snow tour on snowy roads and trails.

Depending on availability, there is also the possibility to book a snowmobile safari. In the evening a delicious farewell dinner awaits you.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Journey home :
Day 8: Sunday

Transfer to Kuusamo and individual departure

Breakfast and transfer to Kuusamo airport.



... included in your travel pact

  • Accommodation in apartments with sauna
  • 7 x breakfast
  • 6 x lunch, picnic on days 2 and 5
  • 7 Dinner, snacks for late arrivals
  • Activities according to program
  • Local transfers according to the program (days 4 and 6)
  • English speaking travel guide
  • Ski, snowshoe or ice fishing equipment rental for day 7
  • Bed linen, bath towels
  • One time group transfer from/to Kuusamo airport

You can supplement on site:

  • Winter overalls, boots and mittens for about 50 € / week or only boots for about 20 € / week.
  • Fatbike rental about 30 € for up to 3 hours
  • Ski boots rental (Altai type) up to 6 hours ca. 25 €

Dates and prices

Travel dates 2023 / 24

27.12.2023 – 03.01.2024
11.02. – 18.02.2024
18.02. – 25.02.2024

Other dates can be arranged – especially for groups – upon request.

There is no minimum number of participants for this trip. All dates are guaranteed. The maximum number of participants is 25 people, the minimum age is 7 years.


Price per person in a shared apartment with joint registration:

1.440 € / Pers for 2 persons in a vacation apartment

1.270 € / Pers for 3 persons in one apartment

1.100 € / pers for 4 and more people in one apartment.

Discount for children between 7 and 12 years: – 100 € per child.


Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants

No. The trip is carried out in principle. However, if the group is only 3 people or less in total, there may be changes in the itinerary or planned accommodations. We will inform you before the start of the trip. The maximum number of participants is 12.

Can I book an extra night near the airport?

Yes. Please inquire if you would like an extra night in Kuusamo. Please note that the bus transfer to and from the tour is to the airport. An individual pick-up at individual hotels is unfortunately not possible for logistical reasons.

What do the accommodations offer?

They are on the road in the wilderness. You will be accommodated in rooms with two, three or more beds in simple but cozy log cabins in the forest. Single rooms are not available. The cabins each have cozy common areas. A wood-burning sauna awaits you in the evening.


WiFi is available at the Jatkonsalmi cottage. Not in the forest cabins.

What kind of weather can we expect?

We start the tours from the end of January, when the sun is already high enough for all-day hikes. At the beginning of February there are about 9 hours of daylight: from 8:00 to 17:00. At the beginning of March already about 12 hours from 6:30 to 18:30.
The daytime temperature usually varies between -5 and -20 C. However, higher temperatures are also reached – or falls to -35 C. Even if the nights are very cold, the temperature usually rises quite quickly during the day.
The weather during these months can be cloudy or sunny. In general, sunshine is more likely in March than in February. It can be very windy. Snowfalls may also occur.

What is the best thing to wear?

Your clothing is a personal choice, of course, but you should prepare for cold. During snowshoeing your body usually generates enough heat, but during breaks you will quickly get cold. Therefore, it is very important to wear a warm coat or vest during the stops. It is best to wear several thin layers than few thick ones. The outer skin should be windproof. Please pay special attention to warm feet, fingers and face.
We recommend the following equipment:
– Underwear – Synthetic underwear (polypropylene, polyester), wool or silk is better than cotton. Skin tight underwear removes moisture from the skin.
– Midlayer clothing – eg. Fleece or wool clothing. Mid-layer clothing allows thermal adjustment, insulation depending on the weather and physical activity.
– Outerwear – windproof coat and pants (it is not necessary to be waterproof like Gore-Tex).
– Head – Windproof hat that also protects the ears. Remember to protect your face as well. A balaclava or scarf can be useful.
– Hands – Windproof mittens protect your fingers better than gloves. For the breaks you have another pair with you. Large mittens that you put over the other.
– Feet – wool blend socks are the best choice. Cotton sports socks are not good for cold weather!
– Winter shoes should have thick soles and be one size larger than your summer shoes. Ideal shoes have enough space even for knitted wool socks, which can be pulled over the other socks.

What other equipment should I have with me?

– Backpack (15-20 l)
– Thermos bottle
– Water bottle
– Headlamp, flashlight
– Lunch box
– Toiletries
– Personal medical care, plaster
– antibacterial wrist
– Earplugs against the snorers
– Sunglasses & Glasses
– Snowshoes and poles
as well as
– Jacket and pants for snowshoe hikes
– warm jacket for breaks
– Thermal Long John pants and shirt, synthetic, wool or silk
– Midlayer clothing for cold weather like fleece or wool clothing
– Mittens or gloves and a pair of large mittens that can be pulled over the others
– Winter boots for snowshoeing
– Warm socks
– a hat, earmuffs can also be useful
– Scarf or balaclava
– Slippers or thick wool socks for the cabins
– Casual clothing
– Swimwear for ice swimming

Please note: Your luggage will be transported in the car to the cabins. We recommend leaving clothes and items that you do not need on a daily basis at base camp. The cabins offer only limited space. You can bring a smaller bag for the road or rent it on site.

Our tip: Occasionally luggage can be misplaced during transport. Therefore, we recommend that you always take some clothes and shoes in your hand luggage so that you can participate in the first day of activity without any problems, even if your luggage has not arrived yet.

What time zone is Finland in?

Finland is 1 h ahead of Berlin. So it’s 6:30 pm in Finland when it’s 5:30 pm in Berlin.


Sauna! The sauna is considered a sacred place. Body and soul are washed. A traditional Finnish sauna is available every evening during the tour, except on the evening of arrival. Traditionally, people do not go in mixed groups or in bathing suits. Your hosts usually organize sauna shifts – usually the ladies go first. After that it’s men’s shift.
Modern saunas have separate bathrooms with showers. In saunas without running water as in the cottages, you can wash in the sauna. There is hot water, buckets and shovels. Sauna in Jatkonsalmi is located on the lake shore. So there is a possibility of ice swimming.


Tipping is generally not expected in Finland. But if you want to say thank you to your tour guide or for a good service, feel free to put something together….

Please note: Depending on the weather and the size of the group, there may be adjustments to the route and overnight accommodations. The map is only for rough orientation about the tour route.

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