The Alps – primeval space of human longing. Fought over for centuries from Hannibal and Rome to Habsburg and the freedom struggle of the valleys. Poverty region of Europe, barren and hard. Land of departure, of man’s overcoming himself. Cultural area of primitive hospitality and magnificent nature.

We invite you to the roof of Europe!

Browse a little in our offers. We have made every effort to put together a varied program of ambitious sporty tours and enjoyable cycling along lakes and rivers in the magnificent mountain scenery of this massive world.

As always on our tours also applies here: Look forward to a great vacation, experience the country intensively as never before – we take care of luggage transport and logistics.

Have fun!

Hiking in the Alps

Castles, palaces and manor houses characterize the landscape of the South Tyrolean Wine Road between Bressanone, Bolzano and Merano. Numerous wineries invite you to taste the lush South Tyrolean wines.

This tour lets you experience the lovely heart of the South Tyrolean Alps. You are on the road in vineyards under the ever-changing but always magnificent mountain panorama of the Dolomites. You will experience the friendliness of this wonderful country.

This impressive crossing of the Wetterstein Mountains through the Karwendel Nature Park takes you from Garmisch and the land of the Zugspitze into the Inn Valley in Austria.

This variation of crossing the Alps from Germany to Italy offers you pleasure, joy and health in breathtaking beauty without monster mammoth stages. A special tip for the 'first time'.

This family adventure week takes you to the breathtaking beauty of the northern alpine mountains. Give yourself and the children an impression that may last a lifetime.

This family adventure week takes you to the sun-drenched beauty of the South Tyrolean mountains. Give yourself and the children an impression that may last a lifetime.

Your winter hiking tour leads you through the imposing mountain massif of the Sesto Dolomites into the land of the world-famous Three Peaks.

Overview of our active and nature tours in the Alps